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17-10-16, 17:19
Whilst hunting for information on routes and rides around North Germany, I tripped over the 'Deutsche Fehnroute', which - as far as I can make out - is a circular route of about 180 km's across the German equivalent of our Fens.

It seems to be designed for bicycles but appears to be open to vehicles, too.

Might be worth a look, perhaps? If nothing else it's attractive and different than just blasting to the Black Forest..... again!


I don't speak German but got as far as downloading the PDF successfully, by guessing I had to tick all the boxes if I wanted all the details.

I'll have a go at writing to the tourist office to see if I can get some more information, too.


Edit: Obviously is open to vehicles, as I found this YouTube video

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.yaoutube.com/embed/aJxUmfk9weY" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

18-10-16, 13:57
here is the route, you could if you so wish view it in google earth via basecamp to see if it is suitable for motorcycles.

18-10-16, 14:27
I am currently sat in the English Fens near Fosdyke & bloody hell it's boring, a dead flat industrial farming landscape

(RIP) trickytree
18-10-16, 14:41
Look on the bright side JB, at least your sat in the scenic bit.

18-10-16, 14:44
Chuffing hell, the rest must be dire
Acres and acres of effing cabbages & cauliflower

Not a hill or twisty road in miles & all the roads are covered in a thick layer of sloppy mud

Nutty would be apoplectic

(RIP) trickytree
18-10-16, 14:54
......Acres and acres of effing cabbages.....

There Polish and some of them OK actually......