View Full Version : Drift HD Battery Life

18-04-17, 19:18
Just wondering how much battery life other users of the Drift HD are getting? I'm getting about 100 minutes out of the battery at 1080p and 30fps. Would have expected much better than this judging by the reviews.

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18-04-17, 19:29
Sounds about right

Best thing is to get a power pack and that will run it all day for the same price as a spare battery

Flaming T
18-04-17, 19:38
Yep, that's about the same as I get...

18-04-17, 19:41
Ok, cheers. Would have expected better based on reviews. Gave it its first full drain on the battery today, it was quite cold in the Welsh borders so maybe could get slightly better when a bit warmer.

Redrick, what's the power pack you refer to?

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19-04-17, 07:56
Power Bank -

I use one of these with my Drift HD, lasts all day if required, feed the Drift via the usb cable in the back of the Drift and never had a problem with weather.