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01-05-17, 18:07
Ive just bought a cheap very tatty 1988 GSX1100EF off fleabay. Took a bit of a punt on it as it has 62000 miles on it and had been standing for quite a while. Turns out cosmetically it is very tatty but the engine ran sweetly the last time it was used in anger 2 years ago. I had one of these 20 years ago and its one of the bikes I wish I had never got rid of. Its pretty standard apart from it was a fully faired one and the headlight etc is wrong.

Got it home, changed all its bodily fluids, filters, plugs etc and basically soaked it in oil, put fresh fuel and a decent battery and it started on the button! Ive put a new set of Renthal trail bars on it and a proper 8" headlight, debating whether to splash out on a new exhaust, as it has a horrible welded up thing on it. The clutch was something the mountain from Game of Thrones would have trouble using so Ive ordered a new clutch kit, cable and standard springs, as the ones that were in there were very heavy drag race ones, and my arthritic hands wont be able to handle it.

It sounds fantastic and runs perfectly, even the 80s clock set works, love it to bits already. As soon as it is useable Ill post more pics.

01-05-17, 18:15
Excellent bike, how bikes should be, big engine, minimal frills :clap

18-05-17, 21:25
I always loved them great bikes

18-05-17, 21:33
i raced these in sprint competitions back in the 80s regulary did the Street bike mag one called the ultimate street bike.....turn up , do a few quarter mile runs, ride home. these bikes were the ones to have

18-05-17, 22:17
Great find!

New to motorcycling in 1985 I wanted one of those, yes I do remember the massive head light, until I saw one in real life and sat on it and as a scrawny 18 year old I found it intimidating so I purchased a new 750EF 1985.

In 1987 and traded it in for a new black and red GSXR1100 slab side for AU$10,000 what a weapon! I saw one exactly the same last week I got a bit of a stiffie :D

19-05-17, 10:24
Up and running now, exhaust courtesy of Mr Vance and Mr Hines, massive grin factor bike, total hooligan.

Wish I could find an 8" flat round headlight tho. New clutch, still heavy but nothing like before.

Still got to change the gearing, I think its been up the strip a few times, its very low geared, blistering pace but 80mph is 6500 rpm!