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21-06-17, 14:00

I am going to take 3-4 days to ride down to Prague have a weekend and rid back in 2 days. Has anybody got a good route down?


21-06-17, 14:06
i went from harwich to the hooke of holland, all the way across germany to prague on the way to poland, spent a couple of days in prague, and that was 2 days to many. Thats just my opinion.

21-06-17, 14:17
depends what you wanna see, through the ardenne mountains stop off in nuremberg on the way on the way in then up to the southern polish border on the out...

best to google things and places then route plan from that... no point asking for advice everyone will have a different opinion...

21-06-17, 16:24
Rode there last year. Hull to Rotterdam overnight. Rotterdam to somewhere just before the Harz Mountains where we found a camp site. We rode through the mountains the next morning which was stunning. We wanted to be in Prague for Tea time so then headed towards Leipzig on the motorway which wasnt bad for a motorway but still a motorway. It does get better when you near the border where you rise up into some nice hills. It was then exciting as you drop down the other side and on to Prague where it felt like we were very much on Tour. We stayed here in Prague "Caravan Camping Císařská Louka" which is a campsite but had some basic rooms also. Its close to a tram stop and then only 5 minutes to the old town.

21-06-17, 16:39
Where do you start from? Other than Bristol, that is.

25-06-17, 05:22
Good point Wapping and thanks for the advice of everybody else. I am taking the tunnel so will be leaving across Europe from Calais.