View Full Version : Go pro accessory kits

27-10-17, 14:53
The better half has just treated me to a Go pro Hero 5, but looking on eBay there are what seems like hundreds of accessory kits available. I am look at using it on the bike and the occasional ride on the mountain bike. Any recommendations/ones to avoid from you good people?

27-10-17, 15:39
I bought one of those kits containing 5 million pieces of mounts, odds and ends. The stuff works ok but isn't the quality of the proper GoPro accessories (no surprise there). The mounts tend to be a little less snug fitting and the flexible arms not as flexible. That said, however, you can try out a few set ups/installations without spending the money on the proper kit, so from that point of view I don't think it was money wasted.

28-10-17, 16:40
Thanks for that mw. I'll take a punt on one of the kits and see how I get on with it.