View Full Version : Trigger/Ignition switch on R1200GS LC 2017. Does this socket do the job?

04-12-17, 09:13
Hi all.

There are many threads about getting a trigger point on older R1200GS on this forum but I am trying to work out what to do with a brand new R1200GS 2017.

I am fitting 2 Roadhawk Bullet cameras to the bike. They were previously on my F800 Adventure and the trigger came from a socket by the battery and I used the adaptor from Nippy Norman's (http://www.nippynormans.com/f650gs-08-on/lead-for-connecting-any-garmin-or-tomtom-gps-into-the-bmw-harness) to connect. This worked perfectly.

On the new 1200GS I discovered there is a blanked off socket under the right hand fairing which looked similar to the one I connected to on the F800 but it has 3 pins and the Nippy Norman's plug doesn't fit. (I have added links to the pictures as the embedded ones are not working at the moment)

The white plug on the right fairing. (https://www.dropbox.com/s/obfxstpxeye2wjt/20171204_083100%20%28Large%29.jpg?dl=0)

But plugged into this socket was a PBT-GF10 plug with no wires attached but with 2 connectors. (https://www.dropbox.com/s/77jyracgd2fmnu2/20171204_083148%20%28Large%29.jpg?dl=0)

Now I'm guessing that if I can get a wire into this connector, one of the 2 connectors will provide a trigger.

So my questions are:

1. Is this white plug the trigger that I am looking for?
2. If it is which of the two pins do I connect into on the PBT-GF10 plug?
3. How do I get a cable into the PBT-GF10 plug!? ***UPDATE*** - I believe that the PBT-GF10 plug that is supplied with the bike is just a waterproof blank and I can't get wires into it, so I need a new plug preferably with cables already connected.

All help and advice gratefully received.

Here are a couple more pictures for more info:

Pic 1 (https://www.dropbox.com/s/ayl431v2qpx5f6i/20171204_083113%20%28Large%29.jpg?dl=0)

Pic 2 (https://www.dropbox.com/s/tv1fz1ze8qfqyoa/PBT-GF10%20%28Large%29.jpg?dl=0)

21-03-18, 23:15
Hi Pukka,

Did you eventually come to a satisfactory resolution on this?

I am trying to do a similar thing with my INNOVV K1. I had (already) taken off my RH fairing but I didn't spot anything so I will have to remove it again and have a closer look now that I have seen your thread.

I was simply going to put a plug on my (two) wires and use the aux pwr source on the dash but it's messy and i don't like it, but it did save me having to put the fuzeblock in, wire it up to the battery and find a seperate ignition source (therefore requiring 3 wires in all plus all the routing of 3 wires), not to mention locating the Fuzeblock under the luggage rack where, for all intents and purposes, it is inaccessible, although once in, it never needs touching again. However, the main problem I have with (my) method is that I don't know if it will invalidate the warranty as it doesn't go through the CANBUS. Your method does.

I think that plug must be for the fog lamps so it should be suitable.

A simple current tester should tell you which is the wire which energises with the ignition which would be the live lead but I don't know which of the other two will be the neutral/earth.

Neither am I sure if wiring it up provisionally would do any harm to the CANBUS or the camera but I don't think so.

I'm pretty sure that NN's must have the correct plug.

Just as an aside, my Tiger (where the INNOVV was originally) had a similar setup and I made the mistake of severing the plug and putting a new one one with male and female sides only to realise that the blank was useable as a male part. I'm wondering if this isn't the same situation?

As I say, only just seen your post and it's 00:15 here so I can't rush down to the garage and start taking my bike to bits.

Anyway, as I said, did you resolve this? If so, how?


28-03-18, 21:34
I found out where that plug comes from. It is grafted onto the feed for the satnav mount. I know because I have removed all the fairing, beak and tank cover on the RHS to remove the BMW satnav mount.

It's a female and I don't have the male (or want to wire up the male plug because I am not going to use the harness) to see if it has power but I imagine that it does. If so, the wires are pretty thin and are just about adequate for something like a phone charger or camera. Certainly NOT for anything more heavy duty, such as lights.

That plug has only two wires but 3 pins, power and earth, one on each side and no wire to the middle pin. The mian plug (the one that powers the Garmin), has 3 wires. Not entirely sure but the third (purple) wire in the middle could be a control wire for the whizzy wheel. Academic, though.

29-03-18, 06:37
Sorry about the delay in replying I was unsubscribed. Yes I found that white plug hidden deep down in the fairing and removed the sat nav harness to free it up. I used this adaptor (https://www.nippynormans.com/f650gs-08-on/lead-for-connecting-any-garmin-or-tomtom-gps-into-the-bmw-harness) from Nippy Normans to connect up two Road Hawk Bullet Cams. They switch on and off with the ignition after a 1 minute delay. Very handy, especially after I was hit by a cab on Tuesday that didn't indicate before changing lane. Engine bars did their job though.

01-04-18, 23:32
Sorry to hear about your fall. Hope all's well.

All sorted now. I too took the SATNAV harness off altogether. I didn't install the camera on it, though. In the end I got fed up with the NAV VI and sold it but I needed that feed for my TT.

The camera feed will come from the rear (The TPMS) module using a CANBUS harness I purchased from NN's which is similar to the split from the SAT NAV harness in that it plugs into the TPMS box for the power feed to the camera control box and then the TPMS plugs into a split from the harness thus still retaining the TPMS. Very clever and removes the 12 - 5v stepdown module on the camera control box too.