View Full Version : PBC Reunion?

19-06-05, 01:29
Bill / Graham / Clive (?) / Darren (?)

- Question marks on the latter two 'cos I don't know if they're part of your community :confused: Just wondering if you guys were planning on going to the reunion?

It's on Jul 2nd (as if you didn't know ;) ) - same field as last time iirc lol :) Would be nice to see you chaps there, I think a few of us bupa guys will be attending :) (Altho I'm kinda provisional atm, because my car is off the road :( )

19-06-05, 09:55
Yep, I'll certainly be there- along with some of the others who are doing it this year.

Not sure about Slimbo or Tony- Clive saids he might go but wasn't certain.

Seeya there :D

20-06-05, 21:36
I won't be there-on the bike en route for Madrid at the beginning of July.
p.s. did you ever get round to editing the video you took, Bill?

20-06-05, 21:53
Several times Tony......the current set up is taking up 111gb of my second HD.....
I was nearly finished the first time when I ran out of space, so I deleted all the 'backup' files, not realising that it referenced tham until I converted it into an MPG......so I lost the bloody lot.

The second attempt I was half way through and my HD failed....

I was doing it again this sunday but I'm only 1/3 of the way through again :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

20-06-05, 21:57
PS nice to see you surface again Tony....how's it going??

23-06-05, 21:39
Can't believe I missed Tony off the list :rolleyes: :o

Still not sure whether I'll make it but hope to - have a good time if I don't see you!

BTW the scooters thing sounds fun :D We're talking about another trip end 2006 - the guys are having a chat about it this weekend so I'll know more about our plans next week :) (I'm off to Rockingham - GT Battle this weekend.)