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18-01-06, 12:26
Region 5 - Severn Bridge to Aberystwth

Please reply in this thread your entry or nomination for a regional role

Regional Team
POT leader
POT Leader - Assistant 1
POT Leader - Assistant 1

Charity Coordinator
Time Recording Coordinator -Team leader
Time Recording Coordinator - Assistant
Publicity Coordinator

Baton rider
GS Girl

Baton Support team
GS Boyz 1
GS Boyz 2
GS Boyz 3

18-01-06, 13:39
i am a gs girl
i can do this leg if you need me too

on the 650

not clever enough to co-ordinate and stuff but i can ride (even if iit is slowly :rolleyes: )

can we psot this in the wales section the south wales blokes all know me actually maybe then we can get more help?

18-01-06, 13:43
i just thought jase will help here,
he could be one of the gs boyz
i will show him this after he gets back from gambia
i will also bring it up in the next regional meet

18-01-06, 16:07
Hi, Dont know when you`re doing this, I might be able to help-got a small cafe here in Moelfre on Anglesey, could feed and water you all for an hour or 2, might even come out for a spin if Im not too busy-all the best

18-01-06, 16:38
I can do this as well. Just remind me of the dates :confused:

18-01-06, 16:44
let me know the date soonest so i can book time off and im your man!!!

18-01-06, 17:03
As I'm a bit of an idle git I don't mind being a POT assistant.

18-01-06, 19:19
I'm a girl, don't have a GS though have a Honda XL650V. I can do part of all of this leg if needed - in fact I work with the Breast cancer teams within my hospital so would love to help out. My hubbie who does have a GS can help support too if needed.

Let me know what is needed.


PW Cymru
18-01-06, 21:12
Count me in please.

22-01-06, 10:11
Just a bump to keep it in the public eye. Still no news on what's happening.

2 wheel humvee
24-01-06, 17:57
Count me in please.

Me too :thumb

27-01-06, 21:14
Count me in please.

Me too, I'll be a suport rider.
On account of not being a girl. A freind of mine is though, she might be interested to do a leg. :cool:

30-01-06, 09:55
hi chaps and chappesses i have the dubious honbour of being volunteered for regional coordinator..

if you have any idea's or questions email me at dutyhero@msn.com
or give me a bell on 07734729594
mad mikey had been pressed into service as assistant coordinator.

maybe we can discuss stuff at abercrave over the next couple of months..

and if anyone has a leaning towards media let me know we can make this quite an issue im sure..

bye for now see yawl at abercrave!!

2 wheel humvee
30-01-06, 10:28
hi chaps and chappesses i have the dubious honbour of being volunteered for regional coordinator..

bye for now see yawl at abercrave!!

I thought EJ was down for this?

30-01-06, 10:50
Pencil me in Slimbo. Work is getting manic again, but I'm sure I can help out somewhere, especially if this section is outside "office hours".

See you at Abercrave. :thumb

04-02-06, 12:23
I hope to be available as a support rider so pencil me in :thumb