View Full Version : South Africa

09-05-03, 07:52
Just spent three weeks in South Africa

It was the totally fanf**kingtastic

If you ever get a chance go...........

Cape Point, Table Mountain, Robeneiland, Cape Town, Stellenbosh, Franschhoek, Knysna, Safari'ed in Kawazulunatal Phinda and Nagala. - The bollox..............

fanf**kingtastic 480 pictures, skint, first hols ever I haven't missed me bike.

Now how do I move there? Sorry had to tell some one

Nearly forgot - Was it you ?

Talked to a gezza who'd just arrived in Cape town on a R100GS took him ten months to get there I'm soooo bloody jellous..


The Foolish Fellow
09-05-03, 17:55
not long back myself
but hired out a 650 while there for a couple of days

cheap food + drink

The Foolish Fellow
09-05-03, 17:58
i once knew a bloke who had a 100gspd
It was just as slow
he eventually listened to reason and got rid of it
I wonder if the fellow you met was just as civil