View Full Version : 'Live' updated posting during the challenge

02-09-06, 20:29
As each Region hands over the baton would the Regional Co-ordinator make contact with Paul G (BHT) who has kindly volunteered to arrange to give progress reports back to the site whilst the challenge takes place for all to read.

Paul G (BHT) : 07966 388827

A text message or call, either would suffice.

If anybody has any queries or needs to report any problems during the run please contact

PWAB Admin Team : Region 1 : Andy 'Bakerlonglegs' on 0777 1655 695.

Andy has both my home telephone number and mobile number and will call me.

On behalf of the Admin. Team we wish you all good luck with the ride, please ride safe, take care and we hope to see you all soon.

Karen. :)