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18-09-06, 17:48
Hi All,

I've been a bit naughty and bought myself a 99 750 Ninja. I got it for a good price on the condition that it needs some consumables, brake pads, an oil change and possible a valve adjustment, air in front tyre and a adujstment to the throttle :D all of which I hope to do myself!

MY GS is sorted by Steptoe, the legend that he is, but where is the best place to buy stuff for my Kwak? I'd prefer the cheapest but service also comes into it. Recommendations would be great...


18-09-06, 18:11
Just put z power into google :thumb

18-09-06, 20:56
Thanks.... I guess I have to phone up to get all I need as they only have 30 products for the ZXR750... mind you, that's probably the best way as I can ask their advice too.. nice recommendation, thanks

19-09-06, 09:51
Cradley kawasaki have always been good with me, next day delivery etc. They alway have an ad in mcn, cant remember theyre details sorry. :)

19-09-06, 10:28
West End Motorcycles.
Tried them for some Suzuki GS750B bits and the came trumps where others failed.
Put details in and search.
Dead easy.

23-09-06, 20:47
Theres a forum like this one for ninja owners - mcnninjas.co.uk
Some helpful stuff on there including parts f/s :thumb