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08-10-06, 10:31
Wonder if anyone can help me. I just bought an R1150GS and have got some Shell Helix Synthetic Technology Motor Oil 5W-30 (F).
Is it suitable for my machine, if not what is the best oil to use?


08-10-06, 12:48
This is one of the most asked questions on the forum. You will get a lot of opinion but not much in the way of fact.

For topping up purposes, I would certainly use your Shell Helix. I'd be less likely to use it for a complete oil change as the viscoscity range is wrong for the bike.

Most motorcycle specific oils in the shops are 10W/40. Many on here advocate a 20W/50. See this search string http://www.ukgser.com/forums/search.php?searchid=11462

I'm not getting into the mineral/synthetic debate. Again do a search. You won't get any facts, just a lot of hot air. If you don't have the manual at hand then you will find the BMW spec. including a viscoscity chart somewhere.

One fact: the boxer has a dry clutch so you can save money by using car oils rather than those aimed at wet clutch bikes.

08-10-06, 18:49
As Wessie says. generally speaking the 5-30 is a bit thin, personally I use 20/50, or a 15/50.

08-10-06, 21:00
As said, this item is subject to a huge debate. Bottom line is change it at the correct frequency & use the correct grade.

One thing I feel that I should comment on is that, what appears to be the standard oil used is 10-40. If you read the manual, this is only suitable for temperatures "UP" to 20c. This is why I use 15-50. Bugger, I've started debating what shouldn't be debated. :rob :rob :rob

There'll probably be a mass debate on this soon...................... But that's why we're all tossers. :thumb :D