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11-10-06, 16:58
Hi peeps, just bought a 650 Transalp for Mrs Flip. She's decided to do our off road ride next year to the south of Spain. Any ideas on Crashbars and Sumpguards? The Hepco Becker (top to bottom) bars or the Touratech look favourites at the moment.
Also has anyone got any experience with taller screens for it, lots of people seem to complain about buffeting (thought I'd mistakenly come on to the GSer website!!!). Cheers

11-10-06, 17:00
Forgot to mention Acerbis handguards too. Any ideas where you can get the ones with the spoilers to fit the Tranny. Touratech want 60 for handguards, they must be available cheaper than that.

11-10-06, 17:34
if youd been about a week earlier you could have had mine :( just got rid of a set of engine bars and hand guards and spoilers, got mine from caveman's on line shop( details from members list

(RIP) pastyman
12-10-06, 21:05
Hey.. By the time Mrs Flip gets on the transalp with all the added extras, it will weigh about as much as the 1150 with you aboard. Keep it light :rob

12-10-06, 21:40
Heres a couple of tranalp links;www.techtransalp.co.uk and www.xrv.org.uk loads of tranalp info.mrs pipster also has a 650 tranalp see photo :thumb

13-10-06, 00:20
Here is a link to the Transalp Website I used to subscribe to.:

They are fantastic bikes and so capable. Perfect bike for your wife I would guess. There was one set of Crash bars that were popular and I'm sure they were GIVI, I think they did screens for it too.

Oh the memories of my Tranny........brill

13-10-06, 18:47
I asked guys on XRV forum which crash bars they would recommend for Transalp seems the most popular makes are Touratech and Givi . I will be buying the Touratech bars as they give more protection to fairing which does damage if bike is dropped ,the fairing just below transalp logo hits deck before handlebars catch bike :thumb

13-10-06, 20:27
Mrs pips bike sure is a beauty. Love the Touratech handguards, been looking at them for Mrs Flip. I think I'll do the Touratech route for the bars too. Mrs Flips is a black one (apparently she likes em black :eek: ). Dig the clear indicators too. How long has she had it? Any thing to watch out for? Mrs Flips has only done 5300 miles so I assume it's due it's first service? Not as clean as Mrs Pips but it will be :D :D

14-10-06, 18:26
sorry for the thread theft,,
Got a XL650 genuine workshop manual and a new unused ECU and key code aerial for sale if you want it??, offer on both or one??. Geoff.