View Full Version : Transalp Handlebar Replacement

23-10-06, 08:31
Hi Peep. Mrs Flips Tranny needs a new set of handlebars. Trouble is she really like the standard bend of the 2000 model. Does anyone know what the dimensions are and what the nearest Renthal bers would be? Long shot but hopefully it will save me from stripping it down to measure them myself.

23-10-06, 23:51
It might sound a bit ground breaking but if they were perfect why don't you just go to Honda for a replacement set :nenau

AndyT :cool:

24-10-06, 16:27
Andy, Honda want 60-90 for replacement handlebars with the same crap paint finish and the same crap steel construction :eek:

Renthals will be about 35 ish and you get the extra bar brace. Unfortunately they don't seem to do a similar bend, anyone know of a different brand option?