View Full Version : DRZ bash plates

27-10-06, 16:56
A mate of mine needs a bash plate for his Suzuki DRZ400.
Has anybody got a clue where he could purchase a new one in the UK?

27-10-06, 17:43
Try the dirt bike store (http://www.dirtbikestore.co.uk/acatalog/DirtBikeStore_com_ACD_Aluminium_Protection_110.htm l) not cheap at 80 but looks a proper bit of kit. If he orders order by phone and just check delivery time, as they have had a couple of problems whilst moving buildings and being burgled.

27-10-06, 22:42
ive use these the last three years frame savers and bash plate from gaget
it has been bashed too recomended


Nice 'n' Fat
29-10-06, 18:58
I took the Gadget Bash Plate off my DRZ and replaced it with a CRD as the Gadget plate doesn't cover the water pump :nono

I've been out riding on two seperate occasions now were a DRZ rider has had his day cut short due to water pump hitting rocks. Go for the CRD :thumb It IS more expensive initially but could well work out cheaper in the long run :bounce1

You could try either:

Race Spec 01531 631700


Taylor Racing Chippenham 01249 657575

Greg Masters
29-10-06, 19:03
Both Charlie Batty and I use a CRD bash plate. I would say thet they are about as tough as you can get, but it didn't stop Charlie losing his waterpump in an 'off' earlier this year.

However, God know what the damage would have been without the bashplate!