View Full Version : proper off roading

(RIP) pastyman
22-11-06, 16:53
When the weathers too hot for the bike, How about this for a bit of Off Road :thumb :thumb :thumb

Nice 'n' Fat
22-11-06, 20:55
Too hot for the bike ??? :eek:

I don't know what you mean :D

Marjorie Proops
22-11-06, 21:03
First of all I thought it was off Looe with St.Georges island between the leech of the main and the backstay, Banjo pier out of sight under the main and Looe beach fwd of the forestay.
But then I saw what looks like a man made structure to the right of the beack so no.
You will have to give me a couple more clues.
Ps. The genny sheet traveller car is too far aft ;)

(RIP) pastyman
23-11-06, 09:31
Nice try Wacky, right part of the country. Its in Falmouth Bay coming back from the manacles. Porthousestock has the concrete structure witrh Porthallow towards the bow. I was tooling around a friends boat so that he could get the pics so was not too fussed about the set of the sails. Actually the genny doesnt look too bad. Dont want to clog up too much bike website but I gather you may be a bit of a sailing man? :thumb

(RIP) pastyman
23-11-06, 09:37
Nice and fat, Hot ,yes, cant ride the bike in a cossie or stretch out on the tank for a bronzie, rather ride in the wet and sail in the sun. Actually its not the riding in the heat, its when you stop for a brew and everyone is in shorts and we are trussed up like an arctic explorer :spitfire

23-11-06, 10:50
Its in Falmouth Bay coming back from the manacles.

I used to be the marine engineer for Falmouth Boat Construction in Flushing, I often use to be out there testing yachts, powerboats, fishing boats, lifeboats etc a great place and I miss living there :thumb

(RIP) pastyman
23-11-06, 21:12
Hi timologra, I can sympathise. I moved here from Cheshire 6 years ago having stood above St Anthonys light seeing all the boats out in the bay. bucky luggers I thought. Every time I sail past the light now I think there is someone up there wishing they were out here. Mind you Snowdonia aint half bad and I do sometimes miss the Ponderosa and the bike meets at Betys.If you get down this way, let me know :beerjug:

12-12-06, 21:45
and riding with yer boys. me and the flipfly miss chasing you round cheshire and north wales. but hey if you want to piss about with oversized dingies thas yer choice. we've got the trip to spain to look forward to and if you bring yer boots at christmas i'm sure we can have a play in the woods on the trialies, we just want to see you flip the gasser again........:bow