View Full Version : HELP - removing intermediate and output shafts

05-01-07, 16:15
I'd be grateful if anyone could offer some advice. I'm trying to remove the intermediate and output shafts from my R90S transmission (as shown below). The Clymer manual states that their's just popped out! Mmmmm. If not, the manual continues, then apply a non-flame heat to the clutch side of the transmission (as also shown below) and they should pop out. Not in my case! I used a heat gun, and tried inceasing amounts of heat but to no avail. Can anyone advise as to what to try next?

Many thanks, Will

18-01-07, 21:08
Will, re the gear box, if the shafts just "popped out" its likely that the bearings have been spinning in the gearbox case.If the bearings will not move you need to get more heat into the bottom of the box concentrating around the two bosses on the outside of the box. When its hot enough you need to pull both shafts out together, watch for the selector fork jamming on the shaft & also the fork dropping into the bottom of the box when it clears the shaft so use a marker pen so you know which way up it fits! If you need any more help, pm me with your phone no. Good luck, Stan

18-01-07, 22:50
Turn the gearbox with the open side faceing down and heat up the shaft seat area evenly and let gravity and a vertical drop assist you.

or pop the seal out and use a blow lamp gently untill the gears drop.