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its all poo
19-02-07, 19:34
Hi does anyone know where the plug on the loom is to connect a radio to an R1100RT ? and has any one got any radio bits ?

19-02-07, 22:16
No, but it might be worth going to a dealer with your log book and bike details. They'll be able to tell you whether your bike was built with a "radio Prep" kit. The Radio is the same as fitted to the K1100LT. Just ask some breakers or dealers if they have one on the shelf.

20-02-07, 12:16
I had an 1100RT with BMW radio as my previous machine. I appreciated the radio.
Has your RT got the radio remote controls already? If not, you have a lot of hard work ahead of you. The in-built speakers are useless at speed in any case, especailly if you wear earplugs.
A more realstic and versatile approach approach would be to be to buy an MP3 player/radio unit, stick in a tank bag and run it up to the helmet with a simple earpiece.