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And so it begins....

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...I have decided to share some of my long held beliefs in this blog, I have no idea why, it just came to me on this lovely sunny morning driving down the A47 in Norfolk, the county of Ancients.
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  1. att's Avatar
    Sat here in a farm yard that has been here for a few hundred years at Cockley Cley, haing slowed down for a chicken and her 5 chicks to get across the road....A truly wonderful place.....How life should be, showing consideration and care and at a pace more suited to us all. What happened to us? Why is everyone in such a rush, at the expense of others and ourselves, we are not here for rushing around, we are here to live and appreciate all this world has to offer, yet so many miss it.....Too late when you have worked yourself to death and broken relationships along the way...I wonder just how much life people squander in their relentless pusuit of money and what they percive to be a better life, when it is there all the time, under their nose.
  2. The Holy Spirit's Avatar
    Each and every day should be enjoyed.
  3. att's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by The Holy Spirit
    Each and every day should be enjoyed.
    I had no idea others could respond on these blog things! I thought I was the only one able to write shite in here!

    Anyways......Today I have got a lot done, which is a surprise for me, as I leave stuff to the last minute, just in case I die, no point in doing stuff if you are too dead to enjoy it.

    Hymer had another birthday and was waxoyled, so all sorted for the MOT, long before time, with what I have spent on it this last couple of months and the fact that it has had a cmabelt etc. Could be a good time to sell, new tyres, battery.....I just don`t know what to do, as it is handy, I just hate driving the fucking thing....Need to get the dog trained up on it I reckon.
  4. att's Avatar
    So I told her I am fed up with her constant negative shit and that I no longer have room in my life for this and that I need to change it, it has not gone down well, we shall see how the dust settles.
    I am a positive upbeat person, but I don`t have enough for the both of us and it is becoming tiring, I really do need to change this aspect of my life, my life is too short for all this bad shit she is giving out.
  5. att's Avatar
    So it lasted 8 days, she had to be told again today.....Mmmmm, not looking good is it?
    Anyways, deck lashed with oil stain, gutters cleared and plastic weatherproof/boards jet washed and a good tear and share garlic bread with melted Camembert dished, bottle of Red and it looks like she may live to see another day......What did she do, oh yeah, read a fucking magazine.

    I am becoming increasingly fucked off with this woman.
  6. B Murr's Avatar
    So 10 days of insights and now silence, presumably you have now reached a Zen like state of silent bliss
  7. Dralco's Avatar
    Good luck in the blogging, it can be a right pain thinking of subjects to write about i've found... looking forward to reading more.

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