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5 Tips On Passing Your Mod 2 - Category A License.

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For some people the Mod 2 category A bike test is the source of all things evil! People struggle to pass the test, maybe due to lack of experience on the roads or plain old nerves! I passed my Mod 2 test first time with only 1 minor fault, I know I know, stop bragging… But seriously, here is how I did it, here are 5 useful tips which could help you pass your mod 2.

I actually found my Mod 1 a lot harder!

Complete with video… a little bit of swearing in the video just to warn you.

1 - Look on YouTube for your Test Area.

There are plenty of Moto Vloggers / bikers who post videos on YouTube giving advice and tips on passing the module 2. There are some people posting test routes so take a look see if there are any vloggers who have posted a video of the town / city where you are doing your test, they may have even posted their test route! I was quick lucky I did my test in Burton and there were a couple of people on YouTube who have posted videos of their test routes.

2 - Get Some Time In Your Test Area

My instructor Leo, took me to Burton a few days prior to me taking my test, he took me round the known test routes and around all the Burton one way system etc… so I could get used to the road layout. Wherever you're taking your mod 2 it would be a great idea to ask your instructor or riding school to give you a few lessons in that area to familiarise yourself with the road layouts.

3 - Run Through Your Drills in a Car!

This one is really only for people who drive, I’ve been driving for over 15 years so I’m comfortable in traffic etc… One of the best tips I could give to somebody would be to run through your drills in the car prior to taking your test. Do all your shoulder checks (life savers) in the car for changing lanes, moving out round cars, coming of roundabouts etc… Talk yourself through road positioning and where you need to be if you were on a bike. Talk to yourself when approaching junctions so you are aware of the type of junction, if it’s a STOP junction for example you will most likely be taken to one during your test to see if you actually stop like you are supposed to, so if you verbalise everything in the car prior to your test you will be more likely to notice the junction type.

I actually verbalised everything on my actual test as well as I think it helped. I still do my shoulder checks in the car months after passing my mod 2.

4 - Practice Motorcycle Safety Questions

There are a series of safety questions which you may be asked, you will get at least one safety question but of-course you have no idea which one. I was pretty lucky on my test I got two of the easiest questions, one about checking oil levels and the other checking the front brake works.

These questions are very similar to those you would get on a CBT so there isn’t anything to worry about. There are various videos on YouTube showing you these questions and how to answer them. YouTube is your friend!

5 - Stay Calm

This is the one you will hear most often, stay calm! But it’s not that easy is it!! I find that when I’m calmer I can think more clearly and make less mistakes.

Remember that you are ready to take your test otherwise your instructor wouldn’t have put you forward for it. Treat it as a normal ride with your instructor and you will be fine!


There you have it, 5 pretty simple tips for passing your Mod 2. These tips worked wonders for me so hopefully you should be fine. Let me know if they helped. Get on and pass and buy your bike.


Andy (Dralco)
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  1. Jazbee's Avatar
    Good stuff
  2. Dralco's Avatar
    Thanks Jazbee, glad you liked it

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