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WindJammer 2, Bloody Awesome!

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Since passing my bike test I have developed a really sore neck! I have finally found out the reason why, my head being buffeted around by the wind. After speaking with people about it they have said it could be due to my helmet not being streamlined enough, me not “tucking” my head down enough or a combination of the two.

Well, i’m quite a “portly” (fat) gentleman and like most 35 year olds in the country I have a bit (a lot) of a belly. Tucking myself in behind the windscreen on the ZX6R is no easy feat! Its the fuel tank that gets in the way honestly… Anyway, the reason my head seems to be hit around like a volleyball by the wind is that the air flows up under the rim of the helmet and inside, my lid starts acting like a parachute at anything above 40 mph.

I have found a great solution in an awesome product called the Windjammer 2 (I am in no way being paid to say how good it is, but if the manufacturer is reading this im open to negotiations…).

Basically the product is a “skirt” which attaches to the bottom of the helmet by way of a super sticky band. It forms a seal between your neck and the skirt meaning no wind can get up inside the helmet. This stops my head buffeting around which was my main aim, however there have also been two other side effects which are great.

Firstly the wind noise in the helmet has been vastly reduced, meaning I no longer need to wear earplugs, I hated them anyway!

Secondly, when i’m vlogging my microphone is much clearer, there is a huge difference in audio quality since using the Windjammer 2. If you listen to my video in my first blog post here and compare it to the video review below I think you will agree that the Audio sounds much better.

A couple of things I was worried about were, the product coming loose whilst riding and it ending up flapping around like a kipper round my neck. There were a few people on FaceBook talking about their experiences with using them, but as it turns out they were using a cheaper alternative. Secondly, as it uses a super sticky band to effectively glue itself to the helmet rim I was worries it would damage the paintwork on the helmet when you try and remove it, thankfully it comes off pretty easily. It can be removed and washed similar to the linings of most helmets.

Without further ado, here is my review of the product, you get to have a look at it and see it in action (there may be a few swear words in the video so take this as fair warning).

I hope you enjoyed the review, please feel free to comment below, subscribe to my YouTube channel and share the article and video, also if you are looking for a new ride check out for a superb selection of used bikes.

Thanks very much.

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