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Comparison between GSA twin cam and GSA LC

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I know many people have made the change and love them or loath them everyone has an opinion. Last week had me drop my 62 plate 90th Edition off for its 18k mile service and the pre-arranged loan bike for the day was a 17 plate GSA LC. I was keen to have a go and see what improvements had been made and how it compared to my older steed.

First impressions were ok with the novelty of keyless ignition and a recognisable layout, but the the change to Japanese style indicator selector nearly caught me out. With the initial ride I immediately noticed a longer space before clutch bite and a lighter feel overal to the riding experience. Being vertically challenged it was interesting to be able to touch one foot flat and 2 feet on tip toes from the outset. I did remove the seat and found it had a "Low" in the casting for the support so i'm guessing this is the low seat position.

The gear selection was niether as slick or as short as mine but comfortable none the less. Acceleration and braking were brisk and quicker but whether it was better is debatable. I did notice the difference in the fueling and on this 2k mile bike it had distinct "fluff" spots which were noticeable and distracting.

I did play with the HMI and can see the benefit of the cruise control which is a major plus for this bike.

Overall I wasn't bowled over but I wasn't adverse to it's possibilities and so I remain open to maybe one day making the transition (if I don't go the opposite way and get an 1150).
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