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Thread: State of emergency.....

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    State of emergency.....

    State of emergency...
    should be state of the bloody roads...

    Well lads n ladies hello from Pakistan,
    So the good news, do you remember the foto i posted of me Gran, mum and aunt. Well guess what i found the place in Quetta, it was taken in the Kent area on Staff College Road and the houses are still standing. Thats the good news, but i only got to with in 100metres of the house the reason being this area is closed off to visitors its a miltary area, went up the first time to get in, was turned back tryed again two hours later and this time guards pissed id returned, sure wasnt Pre Musharraf in town his first visit since stepping down from the army.

    So was not going to give up went to tourist office they made a few phone calls and still a NO GO AREA

    Stayed in Quetta for five days trying different ways to get there but no luck.
    So i left Quetta and headed south had been given a route that i must take by tourist office, so headed off... Got 50km down the road and ran into first police check point they said i would have to have a armed police escort was well pissed, so 4x4 loaded up and AK47's ready we get going, lads this is a nitemare every 50 or so km they change escorts, i one stage i had a police escort that was a police rider on a Yam YB100 and his mate on the back with the AK47, we got to a bit off straight road and i opened the throttle, left him behind only to be pulled by the cops at next check point and told that the speed limit was 90km per hour not 160

    So back to the escorts again, they are a rolling escort as one finishes the other takes over, so i dont have a chance to take fotos or even get a bite to eat, ask one escort if i could take a foto off a river and was told no because of a bridge in the back ground. Stayed the first nite in Jacobabad armed guard outside hotel, it was madness, I slipped out and explored the city anyway met up with the local doctor and had dinner. Next morning same again police escort to Multan and again the day after another on to Lahore.

    Lads n ladies i was well piss with the escorts, not being able to stop and meet the locals and the like, thats why i travel... having said that the guards themselfs where great fellas just carrying out orders...

    So i am now in Lahore and have just found out why the escorts....
    Nato push in Afganistan againist the taliban
    Pakistan push againist them in the north
    and now today a sucide bombing here in Pakistan

    and there was me just worrying about not getting to take a few fotos and there was children being killed not too far away, makes you think...

    My thanks to my Pakistan escorts
    Travel is fatal to hatred, bigotry and prejudice.
    love n laughter

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    i know what you are going through. Situation was very similar when i was there a month ago. Me and a friend I met in Iran had a great fun though escaping the escorts. you should try it. We were telling them what time we want to leave and left half an hour earlier. Usualy if they wanted to give us escort we were able to persuade them not to but sometimes we had no chance. those pick-ups they used to escort us could not go faster then 50 kmh. We were very pissed of because of this. So..we learn to escape them. Great fun.
    good luck mate. Apart from gilgit i could not find anything interesting in Pakistan. Then again, personal tastes.
    Good luck
    situations is probably much worse than then.we have entered pakistan one day after martial law was declared.

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    "Let's be careful out there"

    Love the reports but look after yourself man (apologies if you keep hearing this). Make sure that gs ain't backfiring on the overrun!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Denis View Post
    Love the reports but look after yourself man (apologies if you keep hearing this). Make sure that gs ain't backfiring on the overrun!
    i had enough trouble when my Guzzi backfired one Sunday afternoon passing through Larne after an "eventful" weekend there a few years ago - - downshifted coming up to a Roundabout / Guzzi lets rip / locals hit the deck! ..... i was not popular

    wot he said - you take care of yerself!!!
    we love getting the reports - Thank you!
    appears bright from a distance / dim up close

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    Keep it coming Joe.
    There are two opinions of the GS. There are those who have ridden one who think its fantastic and there are those who haven't who know its crap.

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    It'd take more than a 'state of emergency' to stop our Joe

    Fecker's still havin' a good time Get back here & have yer share of the cold & wet, will ya.

    Quote Originally Posted by Denis
    "Let's be careful out there"

    Wouldn't want anything to happen to those vids & pics before we see them, would we
    Just 'cos you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you !

    Remember, experience only means that you screw-up less often.

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