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Thread: In a land of one billion i meet...

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    Location country is Kiltartan Cross, My countrymen Kiltartan's poor.......

    In a land of one billion i meet...

    In a land of one billion i meet...

    So we head of to meet Mr Wood, now I should
    say that when I left Ireland I was expecting to maybe
    find a few grave stones and maybe a house if I was lucky.

    We arrive at Mr Wood's house Reggie goes up and rings the
    bell next thing we are inside this 84 year old gentlemans home, and I begin
    to tell my story...

    "Mr Wood my name is Joseph Walsh, I am trying to trace
    my granmothers roots in India, I have a few old foto's and
    I know that her mothers name was Kathleen Lousia Fitzgerald Wintle
    and her father died in Trichy, my gran also had a sister name Joyce..."

    Mr Wood suddenly says "what was your grandmothers name"
    I replied "Matilda Rhodes Wintle"
    "Rhoda" he says, "yes Rhoda" I cried out, my gran always went by
    that name, a smile broke across his face "let me see your photo's
    and dont tell me who they are I will tell you."

    My mouth hit the floor, he then went through all the foto's telling
    me who all the people where and when taken.

    This is Joyce my Grans sister on the left

    This is Charles Wintle (grans Brother) on left and Philip Wood on right Mayberne's brother

    This is Margaret Wood Mayberne's sister

    I was in complete shock and then he told me the story.....

    he started it like this..
    My name is Mayberne Wood, I am 84 years old and I am the last son
    of the tea planter, Your great granmothers husband died in the 1920's
    and your great granmother was left with four children to bring up, my
    father Charles Wood and your great grandfather where friends in Trichy,
    after he died my father put your great grandmother up in a house
    on the tea plantation with the children and her brother, now all the Wood
    children and Wintle children grew up together on the plantation like
    brother and sister's....

    He then told me what happened to Joyce, Charles, Stanley and I told
    him about my gran "Rhoda" after she left India and told him she had
    a stroke and was unable to talk but could still hear and asked him if
    he would like to record a video message to Rhoda...
    Lads n ladies what happened next really hit me,
    Mr Mayberne Wood, sat in front of my video camera and went back 70
    years and said one of the most beautiful messages I have every heard
    to my granmother "Rhoda" his old friend, he talked of the old times and
    the people they knew and pets they had.....
    I really was speachless, that night i returned to my hotel and shed a
    few tears, because I had done it, meeting Mayberne and his message
    to my granmother is something I will never ever forget and I cant
    wait to play it to her.

    Lads n ladies things have been happening so fast here, I have learned so much
    and have met so many people that are related to me it is mind blowing at times.

    Me and Mr Mayberne Wood a true gentleman
    Travel is fatal to hatred, bigotry and prejudice.
    love n laughter

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    I'm filling-up here!

    Great story, I can't wait to hear how your gran reacts!

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    Don't know what to say - that is so moving.
    We have a collection of very old photos of family members from my wife's side and I look at those and wonder about the stories they tell - you have done that and more.
    Bet you can't wait to play the recording back to Rhoda - that will be an incredible moment for both of you.
    Solvitur ambulando

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    and this as well...
    How wonderful!
    Quote Originally Posted by Ronno View Post
    Then I remembered. He doesn't ride a GS. Therefore he aint at the sharp end of Dudeness...
    Quote Originally Posted by Wapping View Post
    'Where there's offence, there's brass'

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    That's got to be the story of the year, yes I know it's only Febryuary but I can't see anything surpassing it.


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    A wonderful story Joe. Playing that video for Rhoda will be a highlight for you.

    Well done.
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    Deleted account W
    Joe, tremendous tale. Thanks for sharing

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    awesome story. let us know how your gran reacts!

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    wow.... i'm tearful!

    Incredible Joe.
    Lovely story.
    theres no words fit to relay the feelings.

    Really pleased for you

    appears bright from a distance / dim up close

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    Superb stuff......what a fantastic thing!!

    सत्यमेव जयते

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    Dublin mostly!
    That is the story and opportunity of a lifetime, and fair play to you, you went there and you earned every second of it!
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    Absolutely brilliant
    We should learn from the weather. It pays no attention to criticism. [/I]

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    FANTASTIC result Joe, well done mate


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    I've been researching my family history for 30 something years and that's the stuff dreams are made of.
    Absolutely brilliant.

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    What a great story and isn't it amazing you were able to find out so much about your kin

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    Flip me Joe you don't do things by halves do you? Good on you!
    What we need are clearly defined areas of doubt and uncertainty!

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