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Thread: The sorry saga of 1200GS/GSA fuel pump controller failures (410 so far)

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    Mar 2009
    Worcs. England
    When: July '09

    Where: Worcs. UK

    Bike : '06 R1200 GSA 15000 miles BMW approved used bike

    Remedy: Recovered by dealer same day (Wollaston), replaced with a "black FPC, rather than the cheaper made blue ones"

    Returned the following day by dealer.

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    1200 gs 2006

    last december in london middle of a junction... got into a bit of embarrassment
    cos it looked like i stalled the bike ...
    my pump driver stopped working luckily it was an intermittent fault on it so i managed to get on my drive but it never started after that ..
    i read the forum and made myself the link which bypasses the ground to the frame and it seems reliable ever since..

    DON'T we love the new concepts that BMW come up with ..... yeahh me too!

    i'd love a good bike

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    pumps failure(s)-R1200GS 04

    8/2007 failed on the way to work, total costs with BMW Battersea where £373.85. Bike knackered for one week.

    7/2009 failed while in town and towed to BMW Battersea, replaced fuel pump, pump and o ring. Charged me 94.45 after much "discussion".

    As it happens, this is just a small part of the problems I have had with this bike.
    It's now sold. Other issues included 2 gear box failures (one new box -2006), new clutch (2007), new bearing and swing arm leak resulting in water damage(09), central cpu failure (2006). Plenty more but can't be bothered to list. Battersea at times where shockingly bad, both technically and in customer service. All while under 14,00 miles.

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    Pump failure !

    My 1200GS (05) pump failed on 08 July 09,at home .Cost me a £5 for pick up then £100.03 for a new "uprated " pump.Had prior warning as the bike died twice for a couple of seconds on the previous ride out.
    Regards Peter M

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    Mine went pop on the 11th July . 2007 GSA. Replaced by BMW assistance at the side of the road

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    Jul 2009
    When: May '09

    Where: On way to work

    Bike : '06 R1200 GS, 11K, FSH, out of warranty

    Remedy: While waiting for AA, passing BMW breakdown response car stopped, knew exactly what problem was and fixed it for cost of part.

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    1200GS fuel pump failure

    When did it happen? 2008
    Where were you? Gatwick Airport parking - 22.30
    rider name? RobbieD
    bike details (model and year)? R1200GS 2007
    remedy? Replaced under warranty
    How many days work/holiday did you lose? Over two weeks - "there aren't any in the UK."
    Were there any incidental costs? No

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    Fuel pump controller failure

    - On the way to work
    - Doug Weaver
    - 1200GSA (57)
    - Recovered to dealer
    - Fixed under warranty

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    Fuel pump controller failure

    I've had 1 FPC failures.

    When: June 2009
    Where: Bang Sare Thailand, 500m from my house
    Name: Jan
    Bike: '08 R1200GSA, 10000km
    Remedy: Dealer in Bangkok picked up my bike and changed the controller without any costs.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tim Cullis
    I won't add your failure into the UK figures, but thank you very much for the report, which only goes to show this is a worldwide issue.

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    Scotland lover
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    Oct 2004
    Putney, London and the Altiplano de Granada
    Matkat from GSClub

    March '04 bike
    Jan 2006
    2 miles from home, limped to Clarkes all replaced under warranty

    March 09.
    Same '04 bike cut out on way to Clarkes(to replace rear wheel bearing), re-started immediately. Parts replaced and charged for, as much for my piece of mind as their was some corrosion and water again when they stripped it)

    If I was doing a big trip I would always take a spare !!

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    Joined the ranks of the unfortunate today.
    Where; in work in Belfast
    Bike r1200 gs 2007
    Bike refused to start so got a lift to BMW Motorrad and bought new FPC for 67 queens english pound notes.
    In fairness to the guys at Motorrad they told me that, as my bike went out of warranty in march, if I brought the old one up with my bike and they tested it and found it to be faulty they will seek a return of payment from BMW as a goodwill gesture.
    Took the old one out and it was as corroded as hell and sitting in a puddle.
    New one connected and started first time. Will buy a spare methinks!

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    I had this problem last year. Saw from this site it had happened a lot. Complained to BMW without useful effect. Reported issue to vehicle and operator standards agency, they took up with BMW who conducted lengthy (unnecessary) investigation. I got a letter from VOSA last week advising me that BMW will be taking the necessary action to address this problem as soon as possible. Perhaps this is the way to go with all troubles as BMW do not respond to customer advice. Anyway lets see what they do.


    Quote Originally Posted by Tim Cullis
    Please give more details--what date, bike, remedy, etc

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    Jan 2009
    eastbourne, england
    when: 01/08/09
    where:chandlers bmw brighton (booking a service)
    bike:R1200GS 06
    remedy:fixed at chandlers, cost £89.10, took ten minutes.

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    Nov 2008
    Lake Constance
    When: August 3rd, 2009

    Where: FPC died over night in my home garage

    Bike : '07 R1200 GSA 8750 miles, UK spec bike, exported, still under warranty

    Remedy: Dealers mechanic came over and fixed it in my home garage under warranty. I still have to drive the bike to the dealer for the warranty claim and the error read out to be send to BMW, so that the dealer gets his money.

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    Aug 2006
    when: 6/8/09

    where: in the middlle of a busy junction

    bike: 06 GS 75,000 miles

    fix: Nice man in a truck took me home, bodged a link to test FPC, ordered new part.

    Note to self: Must carry a link. My bike is no better than the rest even though I trusted her!

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    Mar 2005
    When: 7/8/09
    Where: Bracknell about 4 miles from home
    Name: dave hendy
    Bike: 07 1200GS
    Remedy: replaced by BMW Assist within 1 hour of breakdown
    Fixed under extended warranty

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