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Thread: The sorry saga of 1200GS/GSA fuel pump controller failures (410 so far)

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    May 2009
    Blithbury, Staffs


    2007 R 1200 GS under warranty
    fuel pump controller
    10 miles from home
    10 oclock at night
    BMW assistance
    Tony spence
    May 2009

    2005 RT 1200
    fuel pump controller
    feb 09
    Glenn Grove


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    BMW Battersea conversation 5 min ago:

    me: Hello, I would like to order a part I need to carry as spare in view of a trip I am about to do.

    parts guy: ok sure, let me get into my system [pause] ok fire away.

    me: its 1614...77..20

    parts guy: [interrupts] i know where this is going, let me guess.. 776?

    me: yeah, hmm how..?

    parts guy: don't worry mate, no need to preorder, we carry loads of these babies around... Do you need just the one? Its £50 quid...

    me: [speechless] ermmm just the one, thanks vm....

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    When: July 2009

    Where: Switzerland

    On: 1200 GSA 05/2008

    What happened: didn't start after short break, brought to garage in Sion, weekend, waited 4 days in Sion (don't want to be there ever again), replaced fuel pump + controller.

    Costs: 669 euro which I had to pay, now in procedure to get refunded.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tim Cullis
    Hi Scripito, thanks for the report. I won't add it into the UK figures but it is worthwhile to know the UK bikes are not alone in their failures.

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    When did it happen - 14/08/09
    Where were you - Outside lane of M25, Friday afternoon, almost nailed by a few cars and trucks getting over to hard shoulder. Very shaken by that.
    Bike details (model and year) - R1200GS 2007 22K
    Remedy - Don't know yet as 'best' Vines can do is 2 weeks time, so suspect NN will be getting an order as the bike is just over a month outside warranty.
    How many days work/holiday did you lose - nothing so far.
    Were there any incidental costs - £60 to upgrade my AA membership to include relay and of course probably the cost of new FPC.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tim Cullis
    Hi George, welcome to the forum.

    If you read back through the thread you will find that BMW has agreed to look favourably on claims outside of warranty. Also, BMW is about to initiate a campaign to replace all FPCs when the bikes are next serviced. So tell Darren at Vines that you want him to fight your corner for a free replacement. And ask if he can't get parts for two weeks why can't he get one from BMW Battersea.

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    Mar 2008
    Friday 14 August, fortunately 500 yards from home (but it was a long push!).
    Bike just died on a corner. Fortunately not that much traffic around so was able to coast to a stop.
    Knew what it must be immediately!
    2008 GS, 4500 miles.
    BMW Emergency Services came within the hour and replaced the FPC.

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    Feb 2008
    Thurs 13th! After a 900 mile trip and 30 miles from home, middle lane of the
    A1, the bike just died.
    2008 1200GSA 14 months old 6500 miles

    Bmw assist came within the hour and fitted new FPC


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    Halifax, England
    Not a Gs but my R1200Rt SE.
    - When did it happen ?: July 2008
    -Where were You ?: On holiday in Cornwall
    -Bike details (Model and Year): R1200RTSE 2007
    -Remedy: BMW Assist called out and had replacement unit on van.
    -How many days work/holiday did you lose: 2.5hrs
    -Were there any incidental costs? No

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    Maidstone, Kent
    - When did it happen ?: Oct 2007
    -Where were You ?: On way to work
    -Bike details (Model and Year): R1200GS 2006
    -Remedy: BMW Assist called out and had replacement unit on van but replacement did not work either. Recovered to South London MC's who had a replacement that did work
    -How many days work/holiday did you lose: half day lost pay

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    When ? today 18th August 09 had the bike serviced this morning !!
    Where : on my drive
    Inconvenience : not much
    Fix : BMW assist out just now and going to get a spare from Williams Manchester.

    Surprised : No also had the EWS fail this time last year

    Pleased : No 9k piece of shite 2 breakdowns in 5,000 miles

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    FPC gone in no-mans-land!

    When: Aug 2009
    Where: Between border checkpoints in no man's land at Turkey/Greece border
    Name: KazakDan
    Bike: 06 GSA with 25000 miles
    Remedy: fitted new unit purchased before the tour (speechless with gratitude at my own foresight- but imagine the problems if I had no spare...)
    Note: controller unit was corroded but the connectors above and below were pristine.

    Quote Originally Posted by nikos View Post
    That's an interesting place to breakdown!

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    It's depressing to report that the rate of failures hasn't slowed, also that the failures apparently affect the latest version of the controller. BMW's seeming lack of interest in solving this issue is unimpressive.

    Update on failure statistics (UK owners only) totalled by year of breakdown

    2004: 7
    2005: 17
    2006: 33
    2007: 58
    2008: 132
    2009: 87

    Total: 334

    If you have experienced a fuel pump controller, please download a VOSA Safety Defect Report form from here (right click and 'save target as') and email the completed form to me at tim dot cullis at infar dot co dot uk.

    "For sheer delight there is nothing like altitude; it gives one the thrill of adventure
    and enlarges the world in which you live,"
    Irving Mather (1892-1966)

    Access the Morocco GS Knowledgebase

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    Thanks for the welcome.
    As suggested I have read through the thread. Hmm, surprised that BMW has agreed to look favourably on claims outside warranty, as on Saturday morning, Vines sold me a 'new' design FPC at the slightly reduced price of £60. Had asked what the position was on replacement and was told; "they were prepared to cost-share". Of course having now read the thread I will be talking to them about a refund.
    The 2 weeks was not about parts availability, they had stock; it was the first date they would look at the bike. I had called Friday morning after the bike had briefly cut out, was told that they probably knew what the fault was with the FPC, but they were very busy and this was the first available appointment and just "take it easy" on the bike till then...considering what happened very poor advice, and I feel possibly even dangerous.
    However, bike is running like a dream after I fitted the new unit.

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    Burwell, Cambridgeshire
    And another one!

    Second failure - 1st was January 2007.

    Where at home
    Inconveinience: had to take the train to work
    Remedy, bypassed controller and collected a new one from Balderstone BMW
    Bike: 04, 65,000 miles

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    Crapston Villas, Gedling, Nottingham
    "I used to be on that other list"

    Mr G. Mitchell

    When : 22nd Aug 2009.

    Where : Campsite near Brackley, about 90 miles from home.

    Bike : 1200GS, 2004, 33000 miles .

    What Happened : Fuel pump controller failed. I had a bypass with me so no big deal. Purchased a new one and was told to keep the receipt as the new ones now carry a two year warranty. Don't know the part number as I fitted it at the dealers [left all the packing] Manufacture date 07/2009. stock code 16147720776

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    Might be old news but I noticed the Yanks are doing a recall on Gs's for the FPC.

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    As previously posted I suffered the failure in Italy this year, but I have read somewhere where one of the members has been badgering BMW over replacements, just had the bike serviced at Benhams in Wolverhampton and asked them to find out what is happening with the fuel pump controller........................................ nothing, it is not on the recall list, so in other words tough, if you are out of warranty get £60.00 ready.


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