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Thread: Black Book List

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    Black Book List

    If you want to attend, post over HERE

    And then I'll add you onto the list


    Double Room Kev.Mide & Mide Paid

    Double Room Aidan1150 & Mandylicious Paid

    Twin Room Mutley1150 & Heather Paid

    Twin Room Ming & Sharon Paid

    4 Bed Family Vacant

    Single Room Garfield upgrading from camping


    4 Bed Bunkroom

    Whatton Paid
    Sir James Burton Paid
    neil 23 Paid


    4 Bed Bunkroom

    abrasion Paid
    JustStan Paid
    Val. H. Paid
    Kleine blumen Paid


    4 Bed Bunkroom

    clem and partner upgrading from camping

    2 bunks vacant

    4 Bed Bunkroom

    Dust Cloud Paid
    Flashman Paid
    A. Nother Paid
    Dave Friday Paid


    Stalag 17

    Ash (Bottom Bunk) Paid
    Den Paid
    brassmoney001 Part Paid
    jez Part Paid

    1 Bunk Vacant

    6 Bed Bunkroom

    2gses (Part Paid)
    Richard (Part Paid)
    Phil (Part Paid)
    majorbumsore Paid
    SkodaKen + 1 Paid


    Hardcore Campers

    In no particular order

    Cough cough

    Kev + 1
    Captain Ken + Party (8 people and 5 tents)
    Paul G (BHT) & Lu
    Spikehammer (with hookup)
    Fred Dibnah (4 tents, 5 people in party)
    Forry & tinatrim
    FERRET (with hookup)
    neilhayes + partner
    The Bede

    ciderman gs Paid
    Lamble Paid
    Rob Farmer Paid
    tuckerhauser Paid
    Gort & Mrs Gort Paid
    Tug Paid
    Juliek and Hubby Paid
    Riktus Paid
    Sockpuppet Paid
    The Unforgettable Mr. & Mrs. Toad Paid
    ChrisKelly Paid
    PW Cymru Paid
    Andy E Paid
    POG & Kate Paid
    AndyJW Paid
    petcul Paid
    Pugsley & The Boss Paid
    Beetle2112 Paid
    lywood Paid
    Timothy Trollop Paid
    MATKAT & Sue (Mistakenly Paid directly...allegedly)
    alleycam & Sandy Paid
    Borderraider & SWMBO Paid
    mr b Paid
    Castiron Paid
    g.s. john Paid
    phooey & Beth Paid
    Mort Paid

    If you Hunky Bunkys want to be changed around, PM me

    104 Booked
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    List now updated

    For those that haven't yet paid... Paul G BHT is now back from his exploits abroad and payments can be processed as normal.

    Many thanks

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