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Thread: Langdale Quest

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    I'm in as well. If any of the local guys have the routes on a GPS I could download and use it to help out.

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    Billy, I think you have a few takers for your offer. The main run out will be on the Saturday, 13th June, starting from Levisham.

    I don't think that it matters what you are riding, if you are OK sticking to lanes that a GS can cope with I know I will be very happy.

    I don't know whether anyone will be wanting to ride out again on the Sunday, we will be riding back home in the afternoon.

    Thanks again for your offer of assistance.


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    my plan is to ride down on the Friday, go out and play on the Saturday, home on the Sunday
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    This sounds good guys, I have put the date in my diary, if any one wants to get in touch my addy is: should be a good day!

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    I'd love to make one in mate, new to site but been riding GSers for 15 years.
    I'll be on my hp2.

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    Be rude not too, put me down aswell please

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    Room for one more?

    Count me in for this one if there is still room, not sure if I'll make the whole weekend but I'll be there Friday and Saturday for sure.

    Cheers all!

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    Count me in if space is avalible,pleasure to grt over to that part of country again.

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    Sounds like a good un' Count me there....Nice to see you back in the fold HT, are you all glued back together mate. I have done the langdale quest a few times (In a LR Discovery) Gutted they are not around anymore. was great fun up there though, Always fancied taking my bike around it.

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    OK right I am back online now
    This thread/activity eems to have got away from me a bit.Since 15 Jan I have been trying to contact Langdale quest with no luck,I had hoped it was just a temporary thing but seems they have gone for good.
    It would be nice for this event to still run as Scarborough is on OK place.
    I guess we can still use the same places for accomodation etc.
    My big problem is that I cannot plan routes as I am in Wales but it seems Billydrz is willing to do this.I will be in touch with him.
    Cheers Guys.

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    Can you put me down for 2 me & my mate (2 x gs)

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    Is it still on ?? If so is there anybody camping ?? if so where.

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    would love to just do the saturday......

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    Quote Originally Posted by HullTraily View Post
    I know most of the lanes around that area so if Langdale Quest are still having problems before June let me know and I can either lead a ride out for you or mark a map up if you'd prefer. It would be a shame to miss out because there is some great green lanes in that area, all GS'able as well as plenty of other things to see and do.

    Hello we are a group of road legal quad bikers and last year we did one of the trails with langdale really sorry to hear they are closed we were hoping to get some maps of Andy the guy we dealt with but obviously can't get hold of him is there any chance you could help us really want to do the green lanes in that area again this year have booked campsite for the easter bank holiday.

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    I'm new to this forum but count me in!!!

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