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Thread: Cracking do.

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    and this as well...

    Cracking do.

    Thanks Syco for putting on a great do and thanks to Mrs. Syco for cooking up some lovely grub. I only had two portions as there seemed to be quite a few there who looked like they needed feeding up a bit and I didn't want to deprive them.
    Thanks also to Flip & the band who were very good.
    And thanks to all the assembled Tossers who make these events what they are.
    Shame I didn't make the Friday night as that was superb as well by all accounts.
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    What he said...

    A huge thanks to Simon & Suree (apologies if I spell it wrong) & to everyone else that made this weekend so special. The food was fantastic, the band was fantastic & the company were a complete bunch of Tossers.

    I'll deffo be back again next year, if this one is repeated...
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    great weekend huge thanks to every simon and all those involved

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    What a great event, my first GSer do but definitely not my last, It was nice to put faces to names, Thanks to Syco and family for a great welcome, its on my calendar for next year

    Old Stew
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    Big thanks to all for all their work.

    Great time ( what little i spent upright) Stan had a great time ( what little she can remember).

    We are definetes for next year and will make sure we do both nights.
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    A big thankyou, to Syco and Suree for a brilliant weekend. The food and entertainment were first rate.

    It was good to finally put faces to names, and thanks to everyone I met for making me feel welcome. As it was my first event I couldn't have asked for better, looking forward to my next one.

    Hope you all had a safe journey home.

    Cheers Lee.

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    Great weekend, my first Tossers event, thanks to all for making me feel welcome, food, band hospitality were all first class, hope its repeated next year.

    No more Proff"s cider though, cant even face eating a apple anymore !!

    It was worth going just to hear some of the stories that Simon & Phil"s Dad was telling, quality.

    Many Thanks, Neil. (AKA 5 pints)

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    Huge thanks

    Thanks for a superb weekend, the food, the band, the company were all excellent

    We even managed not to loose anyone on the road ride

    Same time next year Syco

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    What a weekend

    Friday night jam session till 2am with accoustic guitars and Proffs cider Finished of with an appearance of the one and only Elvis Paisley (you had to be there )

    Saturday night band, food and more booze. As a memeber of the band I would like to extend a big big THANK YOU to the Tossers who make the night. What a crowd!!!! Dancin', singin' and Moshin'

    Food..........Excellent as always, mucho thanks to Suree and team

    Huge thanks to my Brother Syco What a blinder fella

    Last but not least, a personal thanks to all the Tossers who made a miserable wet and cold weekend in Shropshire, one excellent party

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    A crazy melon farm

    What a top idea

    a party in the depths of winter, just what was needed.

    The ride home was very slow though

    Thanks to everyone involved for their hard work, it was superb.

    I really enjoyed the cookery lesson, especially when the only 1200 rider in the room asked what oil to use

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    it's all been said but I'll say it again anyway!

    Big Thanks to Syco and Mrs Syco for arranging the weekend and the fantastic food.
    Cheers to all the people I met for the first but defintely not the last time.

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    Fantastic do and many thanks to Si and Suree

    Plenty of and the food was superb. Brilliant brekkie this morning as well

    Flipfly`s band were great as well apart from the dodgy rendition of Mama Mia which needs a bit of work

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    Bollox yer nosey gits
    As said above
    Brilliant "do" me Barb and young Proff had a really good time

    I didn't even get angry when a small cartoon dog and the "Big boys" who made him do it, found a laptop on which I was still inadvertently logged on to this site

    I WILL get my revenge

    Chris, my bike stealer of a son, thought it was a hoot meeting a right load of "TOSSERS" and proceeded to drink 7 pints of "THE" Cider and still keep his head on, unlike others

    Thanks again Simon, Suree, Tony, Phil, Rossi, Bam? and the gorgeous barmaid from last night
    roll on the next one

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    Cheshire ....somewhere on my bike

    Thanks Si , Suree and all the staff at the KAT

    Just what was needed to shake off the post Christmas blues and the recent shite weather . Thanks for all the work you & Suree put in Simon , dont think I saw you sit down all night until around midnight.

    Phil and his band (NV?) were really good too and I think Rog will fit into the line up nicely too

    Met a few new/old tossers IYKWIM too which is always great.

    The food was brill , Thai is my favourite , and please thank your dad and the young girl who manned the bar all night as well as putting up the dubious advances of a load of drunken middle aged men extremely well

    I hope you dont end up spending the rest of your weekend clearing up after us Simon , but unfortunately I think you may have to

    Anyway I hope there will still be a Piss up in the Pavilion 2
    Thanks again,

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    Just to add my thanks to what was a great weekend and I'm quite sure one which will be added to the Toasing calander.

    Made it to the ferry after a little bimble arround, had to ride with the visit open to get some fresh air and escape the smell of my breathe.

    Congrats to all for a great event!

    Oh yes the bar person last night was called Mary as she's been mentioned in a couple of posts.

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    cracking do

    A big thank you to all those involved.

    fantastic food.[Suree]

    friday's tossers unplugged
    [shep,pastyman,the bede,flipfly]

    great company

    Elvis Paisley

    nice to meet a couple of yocalscomfort
    one had one to one counseling from att/garfield
    and will probably be found dangling from a rope anytime soon
    Perfekt ist nicht gut genug.

    UKGSER-A place where I've wasted so much time, learned so much, laughed a lot and cried a few times.

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