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Thread: Conti attack

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    Conti attack

    Hi need to get some new rubber has anyone tried the conti trail attack yet

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    Yep and they are a great tyre

    Best I`ve had on my 1200 that`s for sure

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    I've got em and love em
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    I've had them, and they're great. (Can't comment on mileage, as I took them off part worn to put a new set of tyres - Brodgestoen BT020/021 - prior to a long road trip.)

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    moved to a more relevant section for a wider readership on tyres

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    I've got a set of Conti Road Attacks on my GS1150Adv. I changed over from Tourances and there was a very noticable improvement.
    I did Leicester to Lisbon and back, including a hoon trough the Picos and down the Douro Valley and the level of grip was awesome. (The bike was fully loaded for the trip). Very confidence inspiring.
    They have worn really, really well so far and so no signs of wearing out at all!!

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    I got a new set of these tyres as part of the deal for my my(ish) GS. Rode a few hundred miles on the worn Tourances which seemed fine but the new Continentals came with a built in weave/oscilation at motorway speeds.

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    Got em on my 1150, all good so far after a couple of thousand miles

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    Got `em on my new GSA Am very pleased with them so far. Early days of course. They at least seem on a par with tourances I had on a previous GS.
    Not had any motorway speed worries. Good in the wet home from Donny GP on Sunday

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    Check out the link to a translated tyre review of all the main competitors


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    I've had the trail attacks on for about 4K in which time they have been driven hard including motorways at 110 mph (legally) with about 2K carrying a pillion (photographer) and they are great very good grip in wet and dry, except for one issue, the tyres are clearly a dual compound as the shoulder tread has worn quicker then the centre and where the two meet there is a lip between the tread either side of the grove hard /soft, it doesn't seam to effect handling but it is something to be aware of.

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    I had to replace the original Tourances on my 2010 Adv at 6,800 having had no real issues with them.
    I decided on the Trail Attacks as I'd had Road Attacks on my Bandit for the last 5 years and always liked them.
    Just over 9,000 miles later they are getting near their wear limit and will be replaced in the next couple of weeks.
    I'll definately be going for Conti's again.

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    On my second rear and i'll be sticking with them so long as they are in production. Never had any issues.

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    I've been using Conti Trail Attacks since I've been riding my GSA 1200.....superb tyres in wet, dry & rough road conditions.....

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    Had a set fitted for a while now. They seem smooth and totally neutral handling-wise. Grip seems good too.

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    On my third set, can't fault them

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