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    Hola Lads & Ladies,
    Well the rain did not let up infact it got so bad me tent turned into a swimming pool, in the end I had to cut four holes in the groundsheet just to let the water out, "God Bless Argus tents"
    But Jujuy was not all rain, as it was there that I met a beautiful young lady "Alica" a photographer from BA who showed me some fantastic sights. So it was with a song in my heart and full of the joys of spring that I headed south again: I decided to head for Saniago del Estero and spent a few days there to workout which way next either east or west. But on the way down ruta 9 I arrived at this small town called "Termas de Rio Hondo" which has to be one of the strangest places Ive been to......

    On the way into town these three girls in hot pants and tight tops started waving at me and calling me over. I gave them a wave but carried on into town, but just 30metres later this bloke jumps into the road waving a tablecloth so I stop. He then begins to tell me he has the best eating house in town and theres a good hotel next door, I thank him but tell him I am heading for San del estero for camping, but he says there is camping just outside town, so i decide to have a look. The place was as dead as Hector but the staff where friendly so i decided to stay. i pitch the tent and then back into town to check the place out. Which can only be decribed as a small scale failed "las Vegas", there are poker joints, casinos, pool halls, bars and hotels but there is not a sinner in sight. And the young girls from early turned out to be the local good time girls who entertain the truckers on ruta 9. I go back to my tablecloth friend and sit outside his place with a coke and he trys to get me to try his wares but there is enought dirt under his nail to grow potatoes so I settle for the coke. Then the good time girls start to parade in front of his place until he got his tablecloth again. I head back to the campsite to find another person is staying there an Argentine called Ruben who can only be desribed as Argentinas answer to "Liberace" but without the piano. that night it starts to rain again and next morning my right forearm had swollen up to twice its size, God only knows what had bitten me but its just my luck it did not bite another part of my body otherwise I would have shown the good time girls a sight they would have never forgotten.

    I stay in "las Vegas" one more night to see if the swelling would go down which it did and then decide to head for foz du Iquazu. I head into San del Estero but some of the roads are blocked by police, but one cop lets me through, I ride on down the road and see in the distance a large crowd and bonfires in the middle of the road, as I reach them the crowd parts and lets me through. It was some demonstration for indenpence of some kind. ( these Argentines really know how to make a wee Belfast man feel at home )

    after a few days travel I arrived at Posadas the capital of the "Misiones Province", but on the way in I got stopped by a cop at a road checkpoint. i showed him my passport, V5, temp import papers and driving licence but hes not happy he wants my insurance papers for the moto. (which i dont have) So I pretend not to understand but he was having none of it, so quick thinking jose unloads the panniers and shows him my health insurance papers which are in english and have a bit about that if I break me neck on the moto I can get medical help, he is still not happy but lets me through, thank God.

    I am now in Eldorado after visiting San Ignacio Mini these are fantastic jesuit ruins dating back to 1696 and naxt its Foz du Iquazu and the national park and guess what the sun is out.......
    I love this place

    on the road
    sur ya ave to
    Travel is fatal to hatred, bigotry and prejudice.
    love n laughter

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    Re: Eldorado

    Originally posted by the celt
    I am now in Eldorado after visiting San Ignacio Mini these are fantastic jesuit ruins dating back to 1696 and naxt its Foz du Iquazu and the national park and guess what the sun is out.......
    I love this place
    We want pictures, we want pictures, we want pictures!! After our weekend trip I think the travel bug has caught myself and Michelle. Mmmm I see a sunny horison.....
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    This is fascinating stuff Joe, have you thought about writing it up as a travelogue or 'rough guide'? ...I think you have very distinctive and amusing style

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