If you own a 04 1200GS, go check the flange on your bike, might be 04 and 05 models, just possibly be one of the flanges that will have cracks on the lugs securing the rear brake disc to the flange.

On my 04 1200, the flange which secures the rear wheel and rear brake disc some how got some cracks on all the lugs securing the rear brake disc. It is not a common problem and from the things of it seems to be 04 specific, not confirmed. It is suspected that it is either a design fault or metal fatigue.

This is a safety critical item and on a bike like this must never happen. You need to take of the rear wheel and inspect the flange properly. If you intent buying a 1200GS/GSA let the seller/ dealer take off the rear wheel and confirm it does not have cracks on the lugs as this item will cost you around $280 to replace.