Right folks... I believe I've spoken to everybody by phone today and explained the problems we face in sorting out B&B acommodation next to the suggested camp sites. Due to this its quite possible that the B&B's used may be nowhere near the campsites, so fragmenting the trip somewhat.

Here is a list of who is doing what


Gordo (Gordon) * mainz hotel booked for 19/07/09*
Paul BDE * Mainz hotel booked for 19/07/09*
Major Gadget (Ken) * Mainz hotel booked for 19/07/09*
Fuddy (Mark) * Mainz hotel booked for 19/07/09*
Chubs (Brett) * Mainz hotel booked for 19/07/09*

Drumacoon Lad (Jim) *Mainz hotel booked BOTH ways* 10th & 19th
Rivendell ( David) * Mainz hotel booked BOTH ways* "
Casperfelix (Peter) *Mainz hotel booked BOTH ways* "

As discussed with everyone please get together and sort out a booking if you wish for the campsites for the trip.


Shitloads (Carl)
Toe down ( Howard)
Allan Jones
Amateur boxerman (Charlie and Ruth)
Stevo and Hayley

All above B&B's have said they're willing to wing accomodation wise after the Mainz stop on the way out, meeting up again with the pre booked stop on the 19th July back at Mainz.

Myself and Lyn
Flash & Trassa
Parky and Tracey
Seamus and Sue

Intend to leave the group after Mainz and meet up once again on 19th on the return leg in Mainz.

As far as deposits are concerned I'll refund what is left over after the ferry cost on the boat on the way out.

I'll post a seperate thread shortly with all of Paul's suggested campsites for your info.

Any problems please ring me on 07971 303810