View Poll Results: Your choice for Dinner, Sir / Madam ?

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  • Melon Boat Cocktail with Parma Ham served with Brown Bread & Butter

    10 25.00%
  • Melon etc for 2

    2 5.00%
  • Hors D'Oeuvres Salami, Prawns, Paté, Sardine & Garlic Sausage served with Salad Garnish

    18 45.00%
  • Hors D'Oeuvres etc for 2

    2 5.00%
  • Stilton & Broccoli Soup with Croutons

    4 10.00%
  • Stilton etc for 2

    4 10.00%
  • Chicken Breast in White Wine Sauce (with Lemon, Garlic, Onions & Mushrooms)

    12 30.00%
  • Chicken etc for 2

    3 7.50%
  • Crispy Vegetable Bake (Broccoli, Cauliflower, Courgette & Celery)

    1 2.50%
  • Vegetable Bake etc for 2

    0 0%
  • Braised Steak Chasseur

    20 50.00%
  • Braised Steak Chasseur for 2

    5 12.50%
  • Strawberry Pavlova

    16 40.00%
  • Strawberry Pavlova for 2

    3 7.50%
  • Fresh Fruit Salad & Cream

    8 20.00%
  • Fresh Fruit Salad & Cream for 2

    1 2.50%
  • Chocolate Torte

    10 25.00%
  • Chocolate Torte for 2

    2 5.00%
  • Full Breakfast Saturday

    19 47.50%
  • Full Breakfast Saturday for 2

    9 22.50%
  • Full Breakfast Sunday

    18 45.00%
  • Full Breakfast Sunday for 2

    10 25.00%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: Saturday Evening Meal & Breakfasts.

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    haydock england
    Salami prawns, steak etc

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    Out of the frying pan
    Quote Originally Posted by Mort View Post
    Done thanks, please print off the poll as we will have forgotten what we ordered by the time we get there
    ... Yes, please bring the list, I'd already forgotten by the time poll result was displayed
    “Every man who dreams has a screw loose. Awarding them that screw will not make them sane.
    On the contrary, it will prevent them from losing that bright madness of which they are proud."

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    dinner for 2 sat, brekkie sat sun for 2 please, how and where do you pay?

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    Would the proprietors mind if i bought along my .22 so I can shoot some varmints for dinner?

    Also, I can be trusted with matches, so could I make a proper fire?

    Any feckers come near me with strawberry pavlova breath will be skewerd and BBQ'd overnight for breakfas.

    Good to know UKGSer can still carry the torch for adventure motorbicycling

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    The vote is in and a note in me pocket, so we can remember what we've ordered. Unlike Llangollen when we both forgot what we where supposed to be having though we did get a good feed anyway

    You know!?, it's the people who live in the land that always seem to make it more beautiful than it already appears.

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    Thumbs up

    hi pog 3 of us would like breakfast sat and sunday please ! were camping :

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    Thumbs up more to join us

    hello 2 more campers require breakfasts sat +sun
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    Crowle Green Worcestershire

    2 for dinner

    Matkat and Sue for dinner saturday please
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    I shall not waste my days in trying to prolong them..........
    I will use my time !!
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    Vote cast at the 11th hour

    Anyone thinking about it..... you have 40 minutes left to decide

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    Deleted account W

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    Vegie Bake seems to have been snubbed

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