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Thread: 05.2009 Honduras, Guatemala & Belize

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    05.2009 Honduras, Guatemala & Belize

    What a ripoff border country Honduras is!

    They asked some over 40USD to enter the country with the bike.

    This done, we headed into the country that actually looked quite nice with all those pine trees on the mountaneous landscape:

    Click to enlarge panoramas:

    Wild-camped in some roadside place.

    And rode to Tegucicalpa - the capital of Honduras:

    Italian shoes repair shop.

    Cowboy at Yojoa lake.

    Lake Yojoa, Honduras.


    Honduras' Carribean coast.

    And then came Guatemala...

    Panorama from our floating hotel - and the longest bridge in Central-America above (click to enlarge panorama).

    View from the bridge.

    Island on the river.

    And of course we couldn't miss Tikal pyramids in Guatemala. I was humbled by them - they look as if some scapce crafts had landed from cosmos:

    Click to enlarge the panoramas:

    Pyramid tips reaching over the Guatemalan jungle (click to enlarge).

    Gran Plaza of Tikal.

    Guatemalan sunset.

    The next morning it was riding in the fog on the way to the country named Belize.

    Guatemalan village in the fog.

    A kid playing home with her sister. Much more realistic than playing with a Barbie doll!

    A bloke eating.

    Ironing service aside the road - the iron still works on hot coal in Guatemala.

    And Belize - officially English speaking country in the middle of Spanish speaking Central-America.

    And Belize also happens to be a Caribbean paradise - just park your bike aside a beautiful tree surrounded by palm trees and have a cold Belizean beer:

    Belize City rastamon'.

    Caribbean coast of Belize.

    Church in Belize.

    Panoramas (click to enlarge):

    GS on the Caribbean sea.

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    i have not had time to look at your (Very Good - as always ) South American Ride Reports for a long time.
    so i 'saved-them-all-up' until today.
    and read them Everything at once!

    Really Good stuff Margos.
    your photos do so much to enlighten and educate.
    Thank You.
    appears bright from a distance / dim up close

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    Stunning pics, thanks for sharing....

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    I stumbled upon this tonight.. as per Ogmios, I read all of your postings over the last couple of hours. Beautiful! So, so great to read and see your adventures.

    Good luck!

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    Looks like you're both still soaking up the culture...

    Fantastic to share your experiences... keep it coming you two...

    Its just the drunker I sit here the longer I get...

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