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Thread: Weekend write up

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    Weekend write up

    Thought that although there will be several posts and lots of pics, it might be useful to write a sort of ride report.... thingy, sort of...
    I had decided to trailer my two airheads up as I hoped we would get out for a ride and as Flip was without an airhead he could use one of mine. I also reconed that sleeping in the Hymer metal tent was better thab the flappy one.
    I arrived at about two something on friday to find quite a few already there, Thunder was availing himself of the liquid facilities despit the sun being beneath the yardarm. as the afternoon wore on we were treated to some devon cream scones, very good the were too.general chat and eying up of bikes and welcoming others as they arrived and pitched tents. The curries arrived later, enough to feed a small country but rest assured the tosser appetite did it full justice. I must add that it was'nt just one curry but several varieties including veggie. after that some serious drinking and conversation until eyelids drooped and we sloped off to bed.
    Woke on saturday to wet, wet , wet, Work was started very early sorting out Sids gearbox replacement which of course involved a swingarm and diff relacementso very interesting to the watching crowd. removal of pushrod tubes and replacement, stainless ones drew a similar crowd. Another swingarm and rubber boot replacement and a rocker endfloat adjustment were also done, several carb tuning and capped off with tyre replacement from TKC to a more road biased tyre, lots to see and learn about and the very wet weather ensured that no one ventured out for a ride.
    In the midst of this a breakfast was served, I should think there will be a shortage of pigs after this, my cholesterol has rocketed after umpteen eggs, bacon sausages, mushrooms tomato's and beans with a limitless amount of toast. Didnt seem too long till the curry, left over from the night before made an appearance and would you believe, it disapeared.
    As the afternoon wore on Syco and family arrived but there was no sign of Flipfly who was riding "Camile" . He had been a bit in front of them so I was beginning to get a bit worried. I decided to go and have a look for him but which road? I had'nt gone more that a half mile when I saw Phill comming towards me,... relief. Got himself lost did'nt he, Youngsters that rely on twatnav
    The weather then improved a bit and so the silly heads were put on. There is a wood on Sids land ,aproached by a very rutted muddy track, across some loose concrete blocks thrown randomly, then loose sheets of corrugated iron lying in the mud before entering the stream and going up the other side on wet very slipperyt grass. several routes through the woods before heading back. Syco disappeared on Camile, which is no trials bike followed by Sid on proffs 65 and then proff on the quad. much reving noises and eventually sy arrived knackered but with muddy Camile quite a few other trips made on various bikes wilst the rest of us watched, advised took the piss and tried out proffs cider.
    In the meantime the barbies were being preped and excitement grew as first the salads and then the meat arrived, again masses of food and very tasty, Chinese ribs, local sausages and beefburgers. all washed down .......
    Flipfly and I tried to entertain with guitars but our third member had managed to trap his finger in the door of his van. 1 am. I had dried up, eyes drooping made my way to the metal tent leaving some others still chatting.
    Sunday morning saw a steady depetion of the group with some declining brecky but others eagerly awaiting another skipload of bacon and sausages before packing up and making their individual departures.
    The weekend had soon come and gone, frienships had been renewed and new ones made. knowledge had been dispensed from the gurus and bikes had been fettled. refreshments had been liberally consumed and the drains had been well and truly overwhelmed.
    All in all the week-end had been a huge success.

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    You know!?, it's the people who live in the land that always seem to make it more beautiful than it already appears.

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    I believed it all until this:

    Quote Originally Posted by pastyman View Post
    excitement grew as first the salads arrived,

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