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Thread: Sid takes 'Mod Bashing' to extremes.......heh heh.

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    Sid takes 'Mod Bashing' to extremes.......heh heh.

    Once the 'slight precipitation' ended on Saturday it was playtime in the woods for some of the less refined and gentlemanly amongst us.

    The big boyz toyz came out and the air was torn apart by barely silenced competition machinery and the awesome looking and sounding quad.
    Oh ... and little Rossi on his well cool electric dirt bike . blats Sid on the 2 stroke Katoom....
    All we can hear is 'n-aaaa-aaaa naa-aaaaa naaaa' (well YOU try and type in two stroke sound ).
    A fast approaching blaze of orange is spotted far down the leafy 'tunnel' as he zaps back up the hill towards us.

    At this point,Sid later told me that he saw the cameras and thought he`d pop the front wheel up for a photo.

    Oh,he did THAT alright.......I reckon the rear mudguard dug in and stopped it flipping.
    (You`ll see in a moment ).

    But as he did so,he claims that little Rossi rode right across his path and faced with running him over as Option 1,Sid very magnaminously chose Option 2.
    Which was to run Kenny over instead.
    And to smash down a decent sized wooden fence post too.

    Caption Contest material ??


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    Have you met Gerarddwatts? He's a joyless fuck as well. You two would get on like a house on fire I reckon.

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    Never mind Kenny, the bloody fence is knackered.
    There are two opinions of the GS. There are those who have ridden one who think its fantastic and there are those who haven't who know its crap.

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    ...oh the agony.....I'd just gotten up when that pic was taken...never seen a KTM sump that close up before A pint of Piston eased the trauma
    Remember, we are only here for a good time, not a long time !

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    I got told "opps I broke the fence sorry" afterwards told "I nearly killed Kenny"
    think we need to build a wall

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