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Thread: Gentlemen's Wee Kend a few words and pictures

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    Gentlemen's Wee Kend a few words and pictures

    Woke up at 4.30 on the Friday morning to get ahead of the breakfast rush on the ferry, we'd sailed early on Thursday night so the rendezvous with Kenny and Lyn at the M56 services planned for 8.00 was not going to be a problem, I made it there at 6.45 so plenty of time for a coffee.

    Lyn arrived first at 7.30, closely followed by Kenny, after the usual tyre kicking and toilet visiting we got ready for the road.

    It's only as we were pulling out I noticed the display board.

    A single stop over for another toilet break and a tank top up saw us arriving at the event in the early afternoon, the sun was out and before long people were doing things of an Airhead nature.

    On the Saturday the rain arrived, luckily Sid's garage provided a comfy space to keep the group together while some serious fettling was carried out.

    Not to be outdone Tarka and Val H decided to fettle the water heater for the tea and coffee.

    Those not involved in or taking a break from fettling grabbed a chair in conversation corner

    workman's bum was a common occurrence

    but this display

    had BM searching for a signal to report it to the authorities!

    Certain members of the parish decided to relive the days of there youth by bump starting a bike

    they got it going but were blocked in their attempts to take it for a quick spin by the arrival of a moistened Flipfly

    While the crowd was distracted Abrasion kept a careful lookout for Kenny near the tools, apparently he had been admiring Rob Farmer's vacuam guages

    When the rain stopped people moved outside to play

    Sid's attempt to maim Kenny for admiring Rob's vacuam gauges seemed to pay off

    or did it?

    Proff was suprised at how quickly Bakerman put his hand up in response to the request for someone to man the BBQ

    But not half as suprised as when the Strip-o-grame arrived as a belated birthday present!

    After a superb feed the entertainment continued


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    At least we found out how you kept your bike so clean Roger

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    looks like it was a great weekend.
    I see i missed keiths moon
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    Or £10 each if you buy one of the other items I sell

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob Farmer View Post
    At least we found out how you kept your bike so clean Roger

    Ill have to keep him away from my next addition then

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