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Thread: The rise and fall...and rise again...of Thunder

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    The rise and fall...and rise again...of Thunder

    I was going to say that I hope Thunder doesn`t mind this Thread too much,but thinking about it,I`m not arsed if he does,heh heh heh.

    Not sure if I`d met Thunder previously but we both got on well on first encounter at the WEEkend.
    Drink is mandatory on arrival at a rally/meet-up,especially so after a long distance,but I must admit to wondering at the flashpoint of Thunder`s breath so early on in the proceedings.
    I just put the varying focussing of his eyes down to tiredness,as he`d been up early and travelled far.

    Teatime on Friday was currytime (delicious ) and all seemed mostly okay.
    Not sure if he could see what he was eating though..........

    Evidently not...nor where the plate was.....

    A shout went out about somebody lying down on the driveway outside.
    I wonder who that could be?

    "Ishh okay........begorrarr......jushhh find my shoooooo'

    I found and replaced his missing shoe,and with a helper got him back on his feet .
    The tab he was running said 2 bottles of Vodka and 14 pints of Bitter but that was denounced,and only 1 bottle of Vodka was claimed.
    Later on,and unbelievably,he was still vertical but seemed to be having difficulties with the concept of Sid`s new and very expensive sliding metal doors.....being equippped with rollers at the top they don`t take kindly to attempts at outward hinging......and Kenny didn`t take too kindly to the comment that Thunder was "drooling on your cap".

    Despite lacking a tracksuit,Kenny showed true Scouser behaviour by taking Thunder outside to "sort him out".

    Next morning,Thunder was struggling to face us all............

    On reflection,he`s a top tosser and I was glad to meet him and consider him a good friend.

    And after all,if you can`t get bladdered after such a long day and long ride,you`re doing something wrong.
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    Have you met Gerarddwatts? He's a joyless fuck as well. You two would get on like a house on fire I reckon.

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    follow the wire from the magneto
    you're in sooooo much trouble Steve

    Thanks for the pics

    The countryside is a soggy sort of place where animals and birds wander about uncooked. Gladys Mitchell


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    Bloody disgraceful behavior IMHO

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    Lovely guy, shame he is dragged into these drinking competitions. He always arrives with the intention of enjoying the lively banter and engaging people he meets.

    Then someone always challenges him to drink a glass of alcohol and the games begin

    I'm sure at the next meet he will say no to the dreaded booze and prove you all wrong

    Don't let em get to ya Rog, it's not your fault, I saw that rack with the vodka bottle on, and it was obviously unstable. That bottle could have landed in anyones throat. You were just unfortunately underneath it when it happened

    Fat blokes bounce better

    "The human race is being overun by muppets, it's like fraggle f*ckin rock down here!!!"

    flipfly - Dec 2012

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    I feel sorry for you Roger, fancy being stalked by old 'fish breath'


    PS Perhaps Tarkle was thinking of copying your hair cut

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    Ahh well you see it was a long day and an early start on Mr Smirnoff's finest on an empty stomach is never a good option

    One of the funniest things about the weekend for me (and there were a few ) was when I asked Brassmonkey on Saturday morning if he'd finally sorted his head bearings out. Al dissolves into a laughing fit, turns out I'd asked him the same question 6 times on Friday night

    Next "meet" for me will be the Horizons Unlimited do next Thursday at Lumb Farm, might try Flipfly's option of keeping off the sauce, could be a good sponsorship idea for Calum's Road

    Nice to meet you to Tarka

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