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Thread: A Weekend In That Place You Ride Past To Go To Scotland

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    A Weekend In That Place You Ride Past To Go To Scotland

    The ride up was a bit of a drag, Oldham isn't a place I'll be rushing back to and that place where they film Last Of The Summer Wine was gridlocked. But the weather was good and I didn't get lost

    I checked in to my bunkhouse, which reminded me of those chalets they lived in in Hi De Hi. Sir James handed me a G&T and the Red Thai Curry put on a low heat.

    Woody, Neil23 and The One And Only Den where already there.

    In an effort to Anglicize Den JB forced a can of G&T down him.

    Mandy and Aiden popped by for a chat. I think my skills at bringing out peoples best features using the art of photography show in this picture.

    Muttley turned up with his Adventurised Whiskey carrier.

    Brass Monkey on his Hobby Bike. What good taste Stich suit colour combinations he has

    Jamie came disguised as Alan Carr with a goatee, it seems rumours of his recent sex change were false and he's just plain old gay. Quite a let down really

    We dined on curry then found the bar, it was a modest bar. So modest it only boasted one druaght beer, a local brew.

    So we decided to have a go at the bottled cider. Neil23 propped the bar up with us.

    Alan Carr went off on the pull, he said he fancied shagging a middle aged over weight biker. He had obviously come to the right place

    By half ten the bar was starting to become a little depleted, cans of cider became a lusted after item. It reminded me of a teenage party of my youth.

    We retired to Ash, Den and Brass Monkeys bunk house and put another curry on to reheat while Jez cracked open the Jagermesser.

    We talked bollox till three the morning before I went back to my bunk to listen to Neil and Jamie snore.

    I lasted till six before getting up in search of coffee

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    Saturday morning at six was a pleasure, sunny and warm.

    I wandered onto the campsite and was offered a coffee straight away by a group of gents in the pic below who I didn't catch the name of, thanks again

    Hardy camping sorts were mashing and brewing up all over.

    Mort was wandering around in a daze, not sure if he'd managed to find his trent the night before.

    A KTM rider had been banished to the middle of the field on his own, poor fella.

    After a fine breakfast in the canteen and a few more coffees myself and JB doned flip flops and shorts and cleared off Spanish riding style to find a pub for later. We found the Gamecock Inn in Austwick then rode on to Settle.

    A nice market town where we came across a pack of ten coat hangers for a pound, a bargain. We went halves on ten.

    After shopping we rode back, dropped the bikes off and walked back to the pub for lunch and more cider.

    The pub shut a three so a Nan nap in the bunkhouse was in order.

    Saturday saw us back in the bar again. They'd stocked up on more bottled cider so that got a hammering again. Bede had another plan though, he decided to drink his own piss

    The ceiling of the bar was oddly modeled on a childs adventure playground.

    Finely Alan Carr managed to cop off

    During the evening the heavens opened and it poured down. My lack of sleep was catching up on me and I retired to my bunk at one

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    Sunday dawned and I was lulled into the day by the sound of Jamie sawing logs in his bunk.

    I had another fine breakfast and while packing spotted the sign in Ash's bunkhouse window.

    Jamie treated us all to the sight of his buff bod at which point I felt the need to go home.

    I stuck to motorways on the way home and made it in two and a half hours.

    North Yorkshire is great, somewhere I normally just ride by but I'll be coming back now. The bunkhouses were ideal for us, breakfasts great and the camp site was good but the bar needs sorting before I'll go back to the venue.

    This isn't something that Jez or Pog could have foreseen and I'd like to thank them for sorting the whole event out for us, well done guys.

    I now need a steamy bath and mug of hot milk with a tot of brandy in it

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    did a midget seal your camera at some point during the evening

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    Well that was three hours well spent writing this weekend up into a report

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    Quote Originally Posted by Whatton View Post
    Anyone remember the Summer, seems a long time ago

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    Quote Originally Posted by Whatton View Post
    Anyone remember the Summer, seems a long time ago
    I vagely remember something about warm, light evenings. Is that the fella?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Whatton View Post
    Anyone remember the Summer, seems a long time ago
    It was a BBQ Summer according to the Met Office and not a bbq in sight in your pix...

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    and this as well...
    Quote Originally Posted by Whatton View Post
    Anyone remember the Summer, seems a long time ago
    The images are familiar but I'm not sure if I was there or I just read about it.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ronno View Post
    Then I remembered. He doesn't ride a GS. Therefore he aint at the sharp end of Dudeness...
    Quote Originally Posted by Wapping View Post
    'Where there's offence, there's brass'

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    It must be true, I found an old picture of my tent and there was no frost or snow on it, local authority have had the gritters out, so the weather ought to be good for the rest of the week

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