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    Quote Originally Posted by Norm View Post
    Thanks guy's for a great weekend. to Jockser, Aidan and Mand the Mugger, of money, in a nice way, for Chariddee.

    Ravenbyrne and Geraldine for the friendly smile and welcome as we came out of the Port.
    The taxi driver who lifted my bike with the back end of his car and said "Oi neva tuched it."
    Jockser for the ride from DunLaiogharie to Tipp.
    That was the fastest 140 mile, off road ride I've ever done.

    What I learnt on the first day.......
    Boreens (however it's spelt) equals grass tracks (instead of white centre lines), with loose gravel and marbles and sometimes joined up tarmac.
    But i was alright because Jockser told me..... Oh you'll be foine.

    Guiness is not good for you

    Resolve\Paracetomol is a man's best friend, not a feckin dog.

    Fear is as good as a heated jacket

    The Second day.
    Day 2 though was much better after the overnight rain because the Boreens, the grass, the marbles and loose gravel were now mostly wet and slippery in parts so we just speeded up and we were fine. . Jockser was right again.

    On the second night I ordered a pint of guiness and showed the barman 4 fingers and mouthed "room 4", feck me 2 minutes later he followed me into the dining room with 4 more pints and said "I taught you sed himself had room for 4 more pints". , and that is true.
    So a Canadian and a Mexican had one each and Matt had another, the barman must have kept one and then we then debated HP sauce in the north and Chef's sauce in the south .

    Had Brekky, no baked beans in Southern Ireland ....
    And then I rode home with Primer and Failure Pending.
    I'll be back

    Ta very much.
    No problem Kevin it was a pleasure... I've got the taxi drivers plate so god only knows what might fall on his cab

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    Out of the frying pan
    ... Too complicated to recount but finally back on line for a moment, the first time since Tipp. Frankie & I had a tip-top triffic time

    ... Many fanks to Aidan, Mandy, Jockser, the crew at the hotel, George the one man campsite operator and the weather ju-ju

    ... Lovely to see you all
    “Every man who dreams has a screw loose. Awarding them that screw will not make them sane.
    On the contrary, it will prevent them from losing that bright madness of which they are proud."

    Benito Quinquela Martin

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