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Thread: 2RTW Podcast 9 - riding into Siberia

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    2RTW Podcast 9 - riding into Siberia

    Hi all

    well - here we are now in Mongolia - and who should we meet in UB but Tiffany! the last time we saw her was just as we were leaving the UK to start this trip - almost 7 years ago! Its been really great to catch up with her again and share a few Mongolian vodkas!

    Here is another of our podcasts to give you a taste of our trip through Eastern Siberia.

    hope you enjoy - more will be coming and current diary is up on our website!

    catch you all later!
    Ride Far, Ride Safe...

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    Wow a brilliant film, I really enjoyed that!
    Had en email from Tiffany yesterday, she said she'd met up with you great stuff

    Cheers Tim

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    nice vid - thanks for sharing!

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    Makes me appreciate a nice ride out to Melton Mowbray

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    Some serious bugs man

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    Another excellent video look forward to the next one

    0 te 60 in as long as it takes

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    thanks for the kind words


    Got to keep this short. Lisa and I have just arrived in the Southern Gobi Desert after leaving Tiff in UB. What a ride down, tiring in places but wow, absolutley stunning. What an incredible country. Winding tracks, meandering camels that walk across your path. Mongolian herdsmen racing across the plains on horseback and everyones so friendly.

    The riding has been out of this world and the GPS has been a godsend. To thos of you that have been here you know what i mean.

    Hey Timolgra, we saw you're entry in the guestbook at the Oasis Guesthouse in UB. Cool to see. HAd a brilliant time with Tiff and wonderful to catch up on whats happening back home and GS club UK. Tiff's boyfriend Ian arrived a few days ago and their both intending to head South into the Gobi. Two up it's going to be tough. I'll email Tiff now and give her a heads up!

    Working now on the Mongolian vid.

    Right got ta go as I've been kicked off 4 times so far, they've got 4 pc's hooked up to a 56k modem, god knows how.

    Simon T
    Ride Far, Ride Safe...

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    Great stuff Simon/Lisa I sense excitment in your words and know why

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    Quote Originally Posted by simon thomas View Post
    Tiff's boyfriend Ian arrived a few days ago and their both intending to head South into the Gobi. Two up it's going to be tough. I'll email Tiff now and give her a heads up!

    Simon T
    No problem about that now Simon - iI manged to drop Ian off the back and got him sent home early with a shoulder badly in need of an operation- whoops
    so it's back to me on my tod heading into the Gobi, once I have got Thelma sorted out.

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