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Thread: Looks like the journey is over....

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    Location country is Kiltartan Cross, My countrymen Kiltartan's poor.......
    Hi Micky,
    This is the company i used to ship
    me moto back from India DSV
    They have an office in Lahore

    Micky when i shipped mine back, at India end only paid for
    moto to be crated, paid for shipping when moto reached
    Travel is fatal to hatred, bigotry and prejudice.
    love n laughter

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    Marjorie Proops
    Best wishes to you both

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    Sorry to hear your bad news, good luck on getting home and hope Sue mends quickly.

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    cant add anything intelligent or helpful so,
    just wish you both the best - you definitely have all of us rooting for you both.

    Marc + Linda
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    Sorry to hear your bad news and can only reiterate what the others have said.

    Glad to hear that things are getting sorted for getting the two of you and your bikes back to Blighty. As others have said, if you need any help, give me a shout. I'm in Yorkshire and have time on my hands

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    John O'Groats.
    Hope you get Sue and the bikes back OK, Micky.

    Can't do buggerall to help you from up here, but shout if you think I can help.

    Time to start planning the next 'Geriatric' adventure.

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    Off the wall ...On the case
    Glad to hear things taking slight turn for the better. Speedy return and a full recovery.

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    Bugger. So sorry to hear of the accident, I've been away for five weeks so wasn't even aware you had left on the trip.

    Best regards to you both.
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    cork ireland

    Feeling useless

    Hey Mick..
    Feeling useless here to help... I take comfort in knowing that it will all get sorted in the end


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    not something i was wishing to read
    my best wishes are with you both and hope you are sorted soon.
    Perfekt ist nicht gut genug.

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    from me and Harry the Cat.

    Best wishes to Sue and hope she mends soon.

    Have to catch up on the when you get back. I'll get the first round in
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    Sorry to hear this Micky.
    Give my best wishes to Sue
    Can't add anymore than the others have said.
    Again, anything I can do. As you know I'm not that far away from Donny.
    Tail lift pickup, and/ or trailer at your disposal.

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    Micky, as a fellow Yorky and ex-fed, I'm not far from your home, if there's anything you need from this end shout up. If you need transport from your point of entry back into the UK text or call 07983347469. Don't be shy.

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    Sorry to hear about the sudden end to your fantastic adventure but to look on the bright side things could have been a lot worse.

    Completely agree with your thoughts on getting home, I wouldn't have treatment there if I had the choice either best to get home and get sorted out properly.

    Here's to the a speedy recovery and your next trip!
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    Once in UK - I have a Van and bike trailer for both the bikes at your disposal, should you need them bringing back to South Yorks from a UK airport or port

    So many roads...........So little time......

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    Quote Originally Posted by Micky View Post
    PS ... of all the places to be stranded... a town with no
    There's no such thing......

    (have a quiet word with one of the boys at the hotel....I'm sure that for a couple of small notes slyly exchanged, something will maraculously be found )

    Otherwise, boy, you really are in the sh1t aren't you!!
    सत्यमेव जयते

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