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Thread: .:: Analog gallery: Central-America ::.

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    .:: Analog gallery: Central-America ::.

    Some scans of our films. Couple of South-American residuals first:

    Ecuadorian landscapes.

    Farming in Ecuadorian mountains - cattle has to live on very steep sides.

    Village children in Ecuador, just finished their schoolday.

    Lake Quilotoa - inside volcano crater.

    Lake Quilotoa

    Ecuadorian native children playing.

    Ecuador natives in their everyday harsh life in the mountains.

    Quito - capital of Ecuador.

    Quito streets.

    Santuario de las Lajas in Colombia

    Easter in Colombia with friends.

    Panama City in the horizon.

    Miraflores gates in Panama Canal.

    The Canal.

    The system.

    Palmy plantations in Costa Rica.

    Ancient jungle trees in Nicaragua.

    Ometepe island volcano in Lake Nicaragua.

    Church in Ometepe island.

    Siesta time in Granada, Nicaragua.

    Guadalupe church in Granada, Nicaragua.

    "Calle la Libertad" - Liberty street in Granada.

    Yojoa lake in Honduras.

    Lago Yojoa.

    Sunset in Hondurian mountains.

    Kids taking swim and mom washing clothes in Rio Dulche, Guatemala.

    The bridge over Rio Dulche - longest bridge in Central-America.

    The longest bridge in Central-America.

    Mayan pyramid in Tikal, Guatemala. Looks like a landed space ship.

    High trees in Guatemala.

    Pyramid in Tikal, Guatemala.

    The remains of mayan culture.


    Amazing "space-age" architecture by mayas.


    Guatemalan pyramids tipping over the jungle.

    Jungle vs mayas.

    A friendly guy in Belize City.

    In Corozal, Belize.

    Carribean sea in Belize.

    GS smelling the carribean.

    Main pyramid in Chichen Itza, Yucatan Penninsula, Mexico.

    Columns in Chichen Itza.

    Chichen Itza in infra-red.

    Columns in infra-red.

    Chizen Itza in IR.

    Mayan stairs.

    Steep roadside in Mexico often hides crashed trucks that have run off the cliff - you can see some debris.

    Finding a wild well hidden tent space between cactii in Mexico.

    Through mountains in Mexico.

    Clouds above, ground below. Yucatan.

    Templo Santo Domingo. San Cristobal de las Casas in Mexico.

    Siesta time.

    Beggar in San Cristobal de las Casas.

    Native girls chattin'.

    Street pattern in San Cristobal de las Casas.

    Mexican natives in their everyday life.

    Flooded rivers.

    Landscapes in Central Mexico.

    World Trade Center in Mexico City.

    Green metropolis of Mexico City.

    The main street in Mexico City.

    Mexican native.

    Banana toast seller.

    When he opens the drawer there's a nice smell - we bought some well prepared bananas.

    Landscapes on the west-coast Mexico.

    Landscapes on Californian penninsula.

    Doing some sandy tracks in Baja California.

    Baja California.

    Some decent riding in Baja California - small sandy tracks give you the best views.

    Mountaineous trails on the tip of Baja.

    Bajan cactii in infrared.

    Bajan coast in infrared.

    Baja in infrared.

    GS surrounded by Centra-Baja's flora.

    Central-Baja's sci-fi plants and landscapes...

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    Great pic's

    Great pic's, looks fantastic, a 'nother' trip of a life time, hope you do a written report, be safe and thanks for posting, kind regards Dus

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