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Thread: Morocco aug /sept 2010

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    not allways where i should be
    thanks for your offer of help anyway, i`m shure everyone else is gratefull and our paths may crosss another time....happy trails...

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    Quote Originally Posted by tricky463 View Post
    Anyone up for going to Morocco end of August Beginning of September 2010?

    some really good trips have gone on from what I have read but i just cannot do that time of year due to studies and summer will be too hot.

    too early to discuss route etc but I would like to camp as much as poss, and see all the touristy stuff as well as get off beaten track.

    i have a big GSA and no off road experience so will probably try and get some before i go. however am not going to go crazy as I don't want to keep picking the thing up!

    Just seen your thread. Good on you.
    I wish I could come

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    Hi John.. IP9? That puts you in my neck of the woods fella

    Hangar 53 Custom Motor Works
    email: (Europe & North Africa Sept 2010)
    book: (119 page paperback covering the adventure through to Morocco)

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    I got back from 2 weeks in Morocco and briefly met some other members from this forum. We had a blast and could probably provide some advise for first timers. My take home message was: don't underestimate the weight of the 1000cc + bikes when off tarmac and pack lightly.

    Any questions about routes, Moroccans, places to stay, camping ... shoot!

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    Any more updates on this?

    what are the dates? Aug 27th to Sept 15th are open to me..

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    You'll be hard pressed to find many updates, as the original poster cancelled, and didn't have the balls to tell us direct, others are fairly vague. However, some of us have booked ferry crossings to Santander, leaving 8th Sept, returning 24th Sept.


    Hangar 53 Custom Motor Works
    email: (Europe & North Africa Sept 2010)
    book: (119 page paperback covering the adventure through to Morocco)

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    Moroccan chinwag

    How about this, as uncle bully says it's gone quiet on new threads,
    I have a house in france about 80 miles due south of caen, I often go over on ld lines ferries from newhaven to dieppe as it's an extremely cheap return for bikes, if going for less than five days. I also go on the back roads from dieppe to the house so no tolls and a great ride to boot.Takes about 2hrs30mins to ride.
    My point is, if anyone who is doing trickys morocco trip wants to meet, make the crossing, ride in the group that is up for morocco and have a place to discuss plans the other end then it can be done. I can do any of these weekends.......June 25/26/27/28 [fri-mon]
    july 2/3/4/5
    july 9/10/11/12
    july 16/17/18/19
    What do you all think? Any replies with preferred dates please. Steve.

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    Unfortunately steve, i am busy every weekend between now and August due to work comitments so i cant do any of the long weekends.

    it sounds like a great offer mate but maybe we can still get together for a day ride sometime before Sept


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