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Thread: South-East Spain

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    South-East Spain

    Who can tell me anything about South-East Spain? The area around/between Murcia and Almeria.

    Good roads? Good weather? Good biking? What's it like to live in rather than just for a holiday? Is it very 'Spanish'?

    Any opinions welcome...

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    Popping down to Kingholm for a match would require some planning.

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    Cough up.... before I move your life / work balance enquiry into the pub!

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    In Andalucía, Almeria is said to be the least attractive Province, mostly because of all the invernaderos or plastic green houses in English. There are 100s of square kilometres of them, as that is where all Northern Europe's winter fruit and veg come from. If I were to move, I would look at the Costa Tropical, its on the coast in Granada Province, its very Spanish with superb mountains/ beaches, and as the name suggests a great climate. It stretches from roughly Nerja to about Almunecar.

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    I know “a bit”.

    Weather: mostly great all year round. VERY VERY HOT IN THE SUMMER.... no REALLY!

    Road quality: some very good roads in, around and within a day’s ride. SEE BELOW ALSO.

    Culture: There is a mix but it is the coast and so you will flit between “Little Britain” and “Bumpkin” Spain frequently. Being Andalucía the buzzword is: mañana and that drives some mad. (I’m half Spanish and I can say that for you sensitive souls). But they are friendly people and there are many Moorish cultural sites to discover.

    Almería is not known for it’s beautiful landscapes unless you like seas of plastic (modern agriculture) and deserts. The Spaghetti westerns we’re mostly filmed there and Tabernes is a tourist attraction of the original film set. Having said that there is some pretty good off-roading to be had in Almería and it is half a day’s ride from a ferry to Morocco. There is also a desert in which to practice for your trans-Saharan adventure if that is your thing.

    Plenty of natural beauty and “Sierras” in neighbouring provinces, namely Granada and Jaén.

    Coastal towns are mainly touristy, full of Brits ( mostly ). In summer, very busy, in winter almost dead which is basically: “Marmite”; you’re either going to Love that, or hate it.

    Beware of: some (many) secondary and some primary roads are very “sheened”. They can be treacherous even when dry warm or hot; when wet or damp they are lethal. Think wet roundabout in the summer in the UK.

    TOP TIP: rent for a year before you buy.

    Hope that helps.

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