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Thread: Thanks Si and Suree

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    Big Big thanks from Jill and I.

    Our first time at this one and a great time was had by both of us, and even the dog survived the ordeal 'though she wouldn't have us believe it'.
    Bit chilly at night though it never got above 17c in the van even with the heating on

    Great to see everyone, and respect to all of you nutters in the tents. Thanks for the hospitality I'm sure we'll see you there again.

    Val & Jill
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    Was it white rum.?????

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    Hi.....Big thanks to Si and Suri for the great food, hospitality and fun....

    Flipfly, great music - thanks

    Pastyman - your songs were brillient, thank you

    Great weekend meeting old friends and making new ones...

    .........and yes, i broke the caravan...i will post the pictures on another thread.


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    I'd just like to add our thanks to everyone for a great time.
    As ever at these events the company was excellent

    Anyone want to buy a caravan wheel, it still has the brake hub attached

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    Brilliant weekend and thanks to everybody for making it so.

    Mort, thanks for the chillies, don`t know what happened to them?
    You need to tell me how you grew the buggers and maybe I will be able to have some success myself
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    Just finished unpacking, drying everything out & washing the salt of the GS...

    A huge thanks to Si, Suree et al for organising yet another fantastic weekend. Also to Mark, Alan & G/Germ for a really interesting visit to RAF Cosford.

    The weather was certainly kind to us again The ride home was "challenging" but uneventful & I think I took the same route as Rushy did, last night, with an inch or two of snow completely covering the roads around Whitchurch.

    See y'all next time
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    Si and Suree, Flip and Pastyman, and all you tossers that made the weekend such a cracking one.

    Great fun, great company, great food, great entertainment, thank you one and all


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    A big thankyou from me and Hels for a fantastic weekend.

    Great food, Great entertainment, Great company, Interesting weather.

    I'm afraid you're going to see a lot more of the prospect and Miss Daisy.

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    Great weekend, thanks Si and Suree, Flip and Pastyman and everyone else who turned up and made it what it was
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    I can only echo what everyone has already said, cracking weekend , good to meet friends old and new, superb hosts and food was excellent, thanks again

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    My thanks again for grub and putting up with us lot, not sure if apple pie with custard is a traditional thai dish, but it was very tasty.

    Look forward to the next one.
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    Aye, even though i only rode and camped the Friday was good time...... cheers Si et al....
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    Many thanks to Si and Suree for a good time.

    1st time for me and i enjoyed it

    Cheers to Ferret for a good offroad ride too - just 5 of us and that was plenty noting the cold, frosty and snowy conditions

    Hope Malcolm has dried out now and his bike isn't badly pranged

    So many roads...........So little time......

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    Me and six chickens now safely home.

    Big thanks to Simon and Suree for the hospitality, rough camping on the restaurant floor was just fine. Saturday night's entertainment was good too.

    And thanks to Ferret, JohnnyBoxer, SkyGod, and Malcolm for Saturday's daytime antics, really enjoyed the experience, although not quite sure why I didn't fall off.

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    Thanks for a great weekend. I'll never forget the potato song.....

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    Bollox yer nosey gits

    Home at last..

    Thanks Si and Suree, plus the "Management"
    For a fantastic gut busting weekend...
    Great to meet old friends and also a good few new ones.....I hope

    I've put off my weekly weigh in till next week

    See you at the next one ....

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