As this is a new kind of weekend for UKGSer I thought this might answer a few questions.

The event is non-competitive and is a point-to-point mystery tour. The overall route is a secret known to only a few. The location of the overnight hotels is also a secret, but don’t worry as all will be revealed as you go along.

At the start you will be told the location of the next checkpoint and we will suggest a route for you to follow. In order to get the most from the weekend we highly recommend that you take our route, but you may make your own way to the next location. It is only when you get to the next checkpoint that you will be told where you are off to next.

Saturday will operate in the same way. Details of the first checkpoint will be given to you on Saturday morning. At each checkpoint two of our helpers will be on hand to advise you of your route to the next location. You will have ample time to complete each stage. The checkpoints will each be open for a few hours. Details will be on each route sheet.

Don’t worry if you arrive at a checkpoint after the closing time as we will have left instructions there for you to follow on.

All checkpoints have toilet facilities and all bar one have a tea/coffee shop and food available. As these establishments have given us the use of their facilities for free we would appreciate it if you would give them your custom by way of thanks.

The Friday mileage is approximately 130 miles and Saturday will see you cover a further 255 miles.

Do ensure that your credit/debit cards will work in both NI and the Republic.