Well, we're currently in Varanasi (India) the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world.

It's been a hell of a week, all in a good way. We spent 2-days watching wild Tigers in central India. The spectacle of two cubs and a tigress roaming wild was simply breathtaking and a moment that will stay with us forever.

We've also been busy on the laptop. Whilst we were running our presentations across the USA we were asked many times about
producing a screen saver program. Well, we've got around to it and thought we'd let you know.

We've put together about 40 great images from our journey across the continents; images from the Sahara to Outer Mongolia and everywhere in between.

The screen saver is available as an immediate download from our '2ridetheworld' store. So if you fancy adding something to your pc, laptop, or workstation
then drop by http://stores.lulu.com/2ridetheworld and check out the screen saver.

We hope you like it.

We'll be updating our website and post here soon form Nepal.

See you on the road
Simon & Lisa