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    Costs etc

    Some people have asked about costs of this event so I'll set out all the details.

    1. Camping is available free of charge.

    2. Limited "bunkhouse" sleeping is still available, again free of charge.

    3. Motorhome parking is in the sand school, no charge. Hopefully I should be able to hook up an electricity supply to each.

    4. Decent bathroom with large shower and disabled facilities (might be handy if you've had too much cider) is available free.

    5. Use of workshop, all facilities, loan of tools etc, again no charge.

    6. Tea and coffee will be available 24 hours as I have just bought a new water boiler so save on boiling kettles. No charge for this.

    7. Snacks will be available during workshop sessions, free again.

    8. Consumerables such as grease etc I'm happy to supply but obviously not oils etc.

    You only pay for the food and drink you consume eg

    Full English breakfast £4 each, available Sat & Sun

    Friday night curry £6

    Saturday BBQ (quality meats from local butcher), salad etc £6

    Beer from local brewery £2 per pint

    Cider from Winkleigh Cider Co. £2 per pint.

    Soft drinks 50p each.

    Obviously, any bits you need from Sherlocks will be paid for directly.

    If the weather is better this year, we may be able to have a trash around the woods on the quad or one of the pogos (KTM 300EXC, Honda CRF230, Suzuki 125 and Aprilia 240 Climber). No charge for this but don't bend them too much.

    We do NOT run it to make money and all surplus is donated 100% to the Calum's Road Charity. They hope to start work on the road next week and still need a final £15,000 to finish it.

    We work on a total honesty system. You just write down in the book what you have had and settle up at the end. If you want to leave a few quid extra for the Charity then that is entirely your choice and can be done annonymously.

    I think that covers everything but please ask if I've missed anything.

    I think everyone who came last year was happy with the cost of everything so we're keeping the same format and same prices.

    We could have a raffle as well but only if people want one. If we do it will be very brief, not one of those tedious things that go on for hours. What are people's thoughts?

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    I propose selling tickets for >>

    Civils Ball

    It won't be a dance,,, It'll be a RAFFLE

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    In all honesty, the perfect event with HONESTY being the operative word.

    You all did an excellent job last year, (scone teas, curry, all other food and hospitality in general, absolutely bloody superb)

    Make what changes you think necessary to achieve the goals and i am sure people will be happy with this. Looking to be there again to help Jaber with the 'Piston' (although he had most of it) and stay with your nutty neighbour again!

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    Planning looks great, and menu just right - can't wait !
    Kite Recording Studio

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    IMO best event of the year.

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    Thanks for the confirmation Sid

    Looking forward to the weekend

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